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Penalty Strokes 2

time: 35 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/8/10

The second part of a theme, which the producers found more abundant than we did, where female employees are spanked in the workplace for most any trivial little thing. Brunette Joanne Watson is the new fish this time; Sandra from part 1 lasted one day. She reports for work--the set is the same dump workshop-like office. Boss Mr. Brown sits with her and explains her job, and she notices an array of spanking implements displayed on the desk, "interesting objects," she observes. Watson is sultry, sullen, and arguably inviting a good rousing spanking.

Left alone, she lights a cigarette, studies the paddles, straps, and cane, and sits on her tush. Brown returns, and Joanne has already earned the "penalty points" this office thrives on. "I am the boss. I dish out the punishment." It is explained, "Penalty points are about spanking." If she won't take a spanking, then she it is sacked. It is agreed.

Brown takes Joanne OTK, right there in the office. Blue dress up, undies on display. Brown: "I like black underwear." She is a good wiggler and has been spanked recently. "Pretty little marks," observes Brown. Garters unfastened, panties down, she gasps as she is spanked.

"Stand up." She leans over a table for some sharp paddling with the spearmint-shaped thin wood paddle we've seen. Round bulls eye bruises. Brown shifts to a studded strap and his associate Phil wanders in, not surprised at all to find a bare bottom in the office. He takes over the strapping--Joanne breathes hard and is getting excited. Brown resumes. They admire her bottom as if it were a piece of furniture they were refinishing. "It's coming up nice, isn't it?...peach color now."

The scene fades into a different location; the boys have brought Joanne into a hastily manufactured set--walls covered with a backdrop cloth, a matching rug, and a cheap loveseat centered, ready for the spanking. Joanne is required to bring along the strap and the cane. "Pull your dress up....take your dress off...make yourself comfortable, girl. You have a long way to go."

Over the couch arm she goes, black half-slip up, bare bottom. The boys alternate strapping. Blotchy bruises. "She looks beautiful in red." The boys use a flogger/crop--hard, fast,and, sexy, including shots on the thighs.

"Are you ready for this, girl?" (The cane) Almost 25 strokes shown, instant marks, great closeups. Her knickers are at her thighs. "Take your knickers all the way off." Joanne is still sassy: "You take them off," she snaps. For this she gets 2 more full-bodied cane strokes.

Her bottom is a mottled mass of bruises and blotches. The boys cream her buttocks, one on each cheek, slowly and carefully. "You could fry an egg on that one, mate."

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