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Percy's Persuasion

23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/14/08

Another illustration of the adage that no female bottom is ever really safe on English streets. Two tall glamorous girls struggle with their car, which has stalled in the middle of the road. A guy pulls up--he is regular CalStar operator from the early days who we've seen bring a tear to numerous eyes. He spots an opportunity here. Again, CalStar struggles to control outside noises and low-flying aircraft.

He offers to call AAA and invites the girls 'round to his house to wait. There, the girls see stacks of lingerie laid out. Percy says he's a salesman and "trafficks" in lingerie, and offers 50 pds if they'll model during the wait. No delay, clothes off, skimpy two piece nighties on. Suddenly Percy's wife appears, unexpectedly from an errand. She crashes through Percy's hasty defense, finds the girls. The clothes aren't samples--they are HERS. She's going to spank the two girls for their foolishness. For the 50 pds she learns they are getting, she is going to get her money's worth. Farfetched, but we are ready for the festivities.

Tracy is first, a tall willowy brunette--you'd find a way to check out her bottom in a crowd. OTK, she is spanked on leopard bikini pants, a little silly. Glamorous blonde Paula is next for an ineffectual handspanking; the camera catches her dramatic face frequently. Percy is watching and invited to join in.

He takes over with Paula, makes her strip completely, then turns her slowly several times for a delicious inspection. She touches toes for the cane. There is a pause after the first solid stroke, then five or six tappy-taps, so we assume Paula sounded the alarm to the director. She crawls nude over the top of an easy chair, "right over top, young lady," for 4 more colorful strokes. Her bottom is totally red now, more than it should be for what has happened to her. She wipes tears, taking great care with her mascara. This brief exercise is over. Tracy avoids the rattan.

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