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Pert Little Bottom

time:43 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/6/09

1997 was a very good year for round-bottomed British girls. This oeuvre is thin of plot and setting, but two willing girls get the full measure. "Mr. Limcock," an ironic name the girls quickly note, runs a business. Employees Tracy and Sharon crash his computer program and lose his big contract.

Sharon, a tightly-coiffed, well-madeup blonde, reminds dramatic big-haired brunette Tracy that Mr. L. is a disciplinarian. Sharon: "You know what happened to the last girl who was here." Tracy: "I know. She couldn't sit down for a week." Sharon has seen the cabinet where Mr. L. keeps his implements, "canes and things like that."

Limcock arrives-- a stalwart CalStar cast spanker, always entertaining and relentless. He accuses the girls and they blame each other. They will "have to punished to stay in the company." Sharon will be spanked first, OTK on an office chair. L. takes up her little skirt-- he likes the "easy access" it provides. She is spanked on her cotton checked panties. Camera shots from front and rear; the angles are perfect but the lighting and sound for this performance will be inconsistent from position to position, obscuring things.

"Take you knickers off." Sharon: "You've been trying to get my knickers off for three years." Well, now would be the time. She stands and removes them herself. OTK-spanking continues.

Tracy is next. She is a tall, statuesque flowing brunette and possessed of a bit of mischief. She sees where this morning is going and so doesn't hesitate, when: "Undo your jeans." OTK, she is wearing white silk panties she claims she borrowed from her mother. She undulates and moans during the spanking. Limcock responds, notes her tattoos, her "pert little bottom" and suggests she come around to his house for a "program of advanced punishment." He asks her to stand, bend over, then forher to remove her puddled jeans and an unflattering rugby shirt, thus displaying a willowy body in lacy bra and the borrowed pants. More OTK, pants still in place.

Sharon is sent to get a paddle to continue her turn. She kneels on a chair, no pants, for what is actually a tawse. Moderate colorful strapping. Tracy is excited and amused by Sharon's punishment, getting in some fondling herself. The inconsistent lighting disguises the nudity. Tracy then kneels for the tawse. L: "You're getting turned on, aren't you?" Nice camera angle from floor level. Finally she undresses, bra and panties surrendered, nice little mohawk. Sharon takes her top off too, providing two naked girls in the frame.

Now Tracy is sent for the cane (the implements are right here at hand in the computer room). Naked Sharon is bent over a desk for about 15 strokes. Limcock is proud: "Nicely spaced set of weals, these." Tracy's turn--"assume the position." She is eager--there is no delay, and there follows a lengthy caning by CalStar standards, about 45 strokes, forehand/backhand, fondles, pauses, with naked Sharon facing us to the side. Crisp precise strokes, with no discernable repeats. Weak lighting prevents us seeing the details of the results. And--the usual auto traffic, hammering, and barking noises on the set. Tracy is brave and provocatively sexy in response. Very clear why L. would want this young lady to stop by the house.

At the conclusion, Sharon applies some lotion to Tracy's bottom. "Oh yes, down my crack as well." Will do.

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