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PGA Approved Caning

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/24/09

More standard stuff from CalStar; an all-female cast. At a golf driving range, Miss Parkinsen, a golf team coach, is furious with two of her players, Tricia and Joanna, who are not performing to potential. The girls giggle through several practice shots for Miss P; their spastic non-athleticism reminds us how grateful we are when a young lady, who we know is going to be spanked, is actually athletic and can do her PT or other acrobatics. The skill is usually accompanied by a hard, tight, muscled bottom.

Both girls are sent to the "disciplinary room." Haven't seen one of those at a golf driving range in our parts. Blond Joanna will be spanked first. She leans on a chair and is handspanked on her black slacks, followed by some silly OTK. Miss P. is tough--Joanna must take off her black top, then her slacks, down to black underwear. Some mild paddling, then off with the bra, the paddling intensity increases. "You're getting off lighter than your friend, I assure you." At last little thong comes off, showing some '98 fuzz. The metal-stiffened leather spanker rings some bells, and Miss P. has that unmistakable gleam in her eye.

The cane is taken off the wall-hook. "Are you ready for punishment, Joanna?" 16 strokes are shown; repeats and multiple angles, with the always-enjoyable boobs hanging in the bend-over posture. "Fetch your little friend...quickly."

Brunette Tricia hustles in, shoes off, OTK immediately, micro-black skirt up, black dotted panties, for a brief handspanking. She stands, takes down her knickers, then surrenders her golf shirt, big enough to be a nightgown, and remains only in a white bra. The oval paddle is next, bent over a chair. Tricia seems somewhat amused, mostly because Miss Parkinsen cannot spank hard enough to fully get her attention.

The stiff ping-pong sized leather paddle is better; bra off; a session with the stiff leather "spanker," which always cracks and stops idle chatter. The exotic looking Tricia twirls for us--the top of her bottom is rouge-red, the lower part white.

"Do you know what this is?? "A cane,....Miss Parkinsen." Naked, bent over a chair again, legs open, more than 25 strokes are shown; short swings, hard-biting, repeats from the right angles. Sweet to watch. We guess the girls will try harder.

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