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Pixie's Fantasies

Guest Review by Adele Haze, posted 10/5/06

"Pixie's Fantasies" is a quirky, often funny spanking production written and directed by its star, the wonderful Amber "Pixie" Wells. It consist of four episodes, in each of which Pixie finds herself in a situation in one way or another enhanced by a magical element - whether a fairy-tale character shows up out of the blue, or whether the episode occurs wholly in a fairy-tale world, there is a constant fantastical flavour to all the happenings. The hard spankings Pixie has to suffer, however, are very solid and real.

Episode 1: No Place Like Home (12 minutes):

In this first episode Pixie is in trouble with her guardian (David Pierson), apparently for not doing as she is told. No sooner do the opening credits finish than the girl is over David's lap for a hand-spanking over her blue pyjama bottoms, which soon turns into a bare-bottom spanking as he tugs her pyjamas down. If you have ever seen David's work before, you know that he is a hard spanker, and this sequence is no different: the punishment turns Pixie's whole bottom and the tops of her thighs bright red. She is very stoic; although she whimpers and occasionally kicks, she doesn't try to twist away.

After David sends her to bed with a threat of the hairbrush or the belt if she misbehaves again, Pixie flops down onto her bed and lies on her tummy, with her pyjamas still down and her spanked bottom on display. She wishes she lived anywhere but here, and with this thought she falls asleep, hugging her pillow.

In her dream, she opens her eyes - still in the same room, in the same bed, but now dressed in a Dorothy pinafore, complete with a frilly petticoat. An irate David arrives, and it appears that she is in trouble for running away from home during a tornado season, and coming back spouting nonsensical stories about a man made of straw and a lion with an anxiety disorder. David swiftly turns her over his knee and spanks her first over her panties - pretty, and white, and covered with flirty ruffles - then the panties come down, and he continues the spanking on her bare bottom and thighs. Pixie takes her punishment with a characteristic stoicism, but when David produces a hairbrush and proceeds to wallop her really hard with it, she turns teary, and sniffly, and becomes very, very sorry. He bottom goes past crimson, to the stage where it's turning white. David finally lets her up and tells her that he would be right back to take her to the woodshed for a doze of the razor strop - but thankfully for Pixie, she wakes up, now very happy to be home.

Episode 2: The Magical Mishap (7 minutes)

In this episode Pixie is a student in the school of magic. She wears a wizard's gown, underneath which there is a very British-looking school uniform, consisting of a grey pleated skirt, white shirt and a striped tie. (It is not in the colours of any of the houses of that other school of witchcraft and wizardry about which many films are made. The spells in the film are also original, though you should not try them at home.) Pixie is sitting on her bed practicing spells out of a thick volume - beginning with a spell which makes a stuffed cat (possibly standing in for a real cat; I wasn't sure) disappear into thin air. She doesn't get very far with her magic before the school groundskeeper (Richard Windsor) arrives to confront her.

It appears, the naughty girl has stolen the book from the library's restricted section, for which she is too young. Unrepentant, she refuses to return the book, and tries to make him disappear with a newly learned spell. This doesn't impress him at all. He immediately sits on the bed and turns her over his lap, intent on teaching her a lesson that he thinks he parents should have taught her. The spanking is appropriately firm, first over her skirt, then over her white cotton panties, and finally on the bare. The accompanying lecture is very hot and squirmy; Richard Windsor is excellent at lecturing a girl while he tans her behind. He doesn't let Pixie to get away with any cheek. The naughty girl attempts to magic her way out of the situation - but instead of freezing her disciplinarian's hand, she conjures up a sizeable leather strap, which he proceeds to tan her bottom with until she realises that practicing spells is not always worth the pain. She finally gives in and relinquishes the forbidden book, but not before her bottom has turned a satisfactory crimson colour.

Episode 3: A Visit by Father Christmas (10 minutes)

Looking adorable in little blue pyjamas, pigtails and white socks, Pixie tiptoes into the living room on Christmas Eve to discover a white-bearded man in a red coat munching a biscuit. This is not Santa, but Father Christmas (Richard Windsor) and he has come to deal with her naughty behaviour over the year. Pixie protests that she has been good, but Santa (who is keeping lists, you know) has told Father Christmas about all the naughty things she has done, and the poor girl is about to get a spanking for all of these. Before she can as much as squeak, he has her over his lap.

He delights in cataloguing her sins while he peppers her bottom with heavy slaps - first over the tiny pyjama shorts, and then on the bare. You will be amused to find that Pixie is wearing no bra under her shirt, so every time she moves, her chest gives a very enticing bounce. Father Christmas lectures her for all of the bad things she has done, which included practical jokes, name-calling and similar things. Although Pixie's bottom soon starts looking very red and sore, he produces a wooden paddle she had brought along. (It used to be a paddle-ball game, a gift for a good boy, but the ball had fallen off, so Father Christmas decided it would make a fitting gift to a naughty girl.)

To finish off, he makes Pixie bend over the arm of a soft chair, and straps her bottom with a doubled-over belt. She manages to keep her pyjama shorts around her ankles all through the punishment, hardly kicking at all - though when she does, her feet look very cute in their white ankle socks. Finally, Father Christmas announces that if she takes the final ten licks of the belt like a good girl, Santa would be along with some presents in the morning. These are hard licks, but Pixie endures them bravely, and is finally allowed to pull up her shorts and go to bed.

Episode 4: The Pixie Zone (10 minutes) David Pierson, Ms. Susan

Pixie is watching a re-run of a black-and-white TV show, a scene of Mother (Ms Susan), Father (David Pierson) and their daughter (Vanessa) chatting about the girl's day. Pixie presses a button on her remote control, but instead of turning the TV off, she is sucked right in. A modest full skirt, saddle shoes, and a white hair band replace her shorts-and-t-shirt outfit from earlier, and Mother and Father seem to be certain that this is actually their daughter. The show is in colour now, though we still get canned applause whenever the scene changes. Pixie is extremely confused as to how she has ended up here, particularly when she finds herself facing Mother with a note, which says she had skipped school the day before.

Despite protesting that she was just watching TV, and that she is not her daughter at all, Pixie has endure a firm spanking over her mother's knee - first over her skirt, then over her full white knickers. Mother reminds her that school is very important "how else will you find a good man, or get good secretarial skills", and is not phrased at all by her daughter's indignation, or her crazy blabbering about TV shows and made-up characters. When Mother takes down her panties to continue the spanking on the bare, leaving Pixie's bottom well-reddened before she finally utters the dreaded words "Go to your room and wait until your father comes home".

Father duly arrives. He informs Pixie that he has had enough of the TV-show nonsense, and that it was time for Pixie's strapping. Dispirited, she bends down with her hands on the bed, and Father straps her with a doubled-over belt, really hard. You can see each individual line from the belt form, until they all blend together in a mass of red. Pixie takes the punishment without trying to talk her way out of it any more, but after Father leaves, she is visibly distressed, and eager to leave this place. We secretly hope that she won't be able to get out before "Punished Brats" have a chance to shoot a sequel.


Overall, this DVD consists mostly of solid, uninterrupted spanking action with minimal time spent setting up the punishment. Despite this, it's apparent that a lot of original thinking and loving planning has gone into the production, and the resulting film is fresh and very watcheable. If your ideal spanking movie features firm action in a generally light-hearted atmosphere, "Pixie's Fantasies" is for you.

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