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Pixie's Punishments Volume #1
Directed by Eric Blair- Brown
Written by David Pierson
Starring Pixie & David Pierson
Guest Review by Julie Marx

This productions could also be called 'Pixie's bright red bottom'. Pixie is a delightful spanking performer. She immediately draws you into her scenes with an innocent and alluring screen presence. However, do not let her innocent looks fool you. Although she is exceedingly cute, she can take a very hard spanking. Pixie is one tough little blonde.

In this compilation of spanking stories, Pixie plays opposite David Pierson. David's screen presence is reminiscent of your typical father or uncle. He is a spanking veteran and knows what he's doing. His commanding aura and slightly graying hair add to his on screen persona. David has learned a few things over the years and he certainly knows what it takes to make a great video with plenty of good, old -fashioned spanking.

The first tale is entitled 'A Call From Sister Mary'. Teachers who are called "Sister" are often strict and the title evokes that image. That was our first warning that Pixie was in deep trouble. Pixie was called into the room, dressed for bed in her pajamas and looking like an ideal daughter who couldn't possibly do anything wrong. After she is confronted the look on her face shows that Pixie knows that she's been caught. As is want to happen to bad girls who refer to their teachers as "bitch" Pixie is taken over David's knee for a hard spanking. The spanking begins over her pajama bottoms and progresses to her bare bottom and thighs. After a time the hairbrush is used to good effect and is followed by a hard strapping. The swats on her bottom are solid and firm, and the camera rotates between Pixie's distressed face and her reddening bottom, with some shots of the entire scene. We get a view of Pixie in all her glory as she is spanked throughly. Particular endearing in this scene is the ongoing lecture she receives while taking her punishment. It makes ones bottom tingle just watching it as Pixie's wiggling indicates that she probably isn't enjoying it too much. Each of the three implements used in the story were used liberally to drive the point home. The final result is a very red bottom and thighs that Pixie will surely feel while sitting at her desk in school, facing the dreaded Sister Mary.

The next scene is called 'The Track Coach'. Due to Pixie's unsportsmanlike conduct the coach has decided to let her go from the team. Pixie is distressed at the news and protests that she is, after all, one of the best players. She pleadingly suggests that there must be an alternative. The coach gives the matter some consideration and then suggests "How about a good spanking"? Shortly thereafter Pixie is pulled over the coach's knee. Her wrinkled brow and pouting face indicated the Pixie wasn't enjoying herself one bit. She is asked by her coach is she is sure that this is what she wants, and surprisingly she agrees to press on to preserve her scholarship.

Once again, the camera angles give us a view from all sides, so we see Pixie in all her glory. "A little humility for our track star" the coach says and notes that her team mates are likely to see her marks. Since he's a coach, it is not surprising when he pulls out a paddle. It seems that all coaches have them so when the coach presents the paddle we are nodding in affirmation, knowing that he had it there all along. Pixie's punishment is finished up with 15 hard swats with a thick wooden paddle with holes. We are left, certain in the knowledge that this will remind the high and mighty Pixie to shape up.

The final scene is entitled 'The lesson for Today', and what a lesson it turns out to be. It makes a nice grand finale and involved the use of several implements. Apparently, Pixie has once again refered to her teacher as a bitch and was caught cheating on a test. Will this brat ever learn? A nice hand spanking starts the scene as she is pulled over the school's Headmaster's knee. Soon, her skirt is lifted and she is spanked over her panties. Soon, the naughty girl's panties are lowered. When the bare bottom punishment begins it is obvious that Pixie is having second thoughts about cheating. Soon, the Headmaster asks himself why he should wear out his hand on Pixie's bottom? In short order, her takes out stingy, leather, paddle and gives her some nice quick spanks. Then, the headmaster takes out the dreaded short cane known as the " brat-tamer". After this, a tale tennis paddle is used to good effect.

The scene is broken up into segments featuring the use of various implements.

After giving Pixie some corner time to absorb the first part of her punishment the headmaster applies a strap on the naughty girl's bare bottom. After 30 hard smacks with the strap, the headmaster begins to use a hard wooden paddle. Pixie has a great deal of trouble remaining still for this part of her punishment. During her 30 swats, she wiggles quite a bit. One almost feels bad for her. After some more corner time, Pixie is summoned for the final round.

Touching her toes Pixie is punished by 24 strokes with a whippy cane. Then a thicker cane is allied to her bottom. This is a long, hard punishment session that Pixie endures very well. That little girl can really take it. When she is sent of for an hour of corner time following her punishment the camera moves in for a closer look at her poor, red bottom, which, after all that punishment is delightfully marked and sore. This really should teach her a lesson, or, at least, one hopes so. Still, knowing Pixie one still must harbor doubts. Pixie is one of the spanking models that we've all come to know and love. This girl can certainly take her licks. Very impressive!

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