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The Plastic Rod

M/FF   reviewed by the webmaster

This video is a 2 part film that features 2 girls in seperate scenarios. In part one, we see the 30 something year old blonde that has appeared in some of Amateur's videos before. I always liked this one, she's pretty, has a nice bottom, can take a good spanking, and can even act a little. The video opens with our blonde being scolded by the fellow that appears in all of Amateur's vids. I really liked the facial expressions she was giving him, gave you a sense of someone that was really sorry for what they did. She is very sad and somber looking, looks down a lot, just a nice added touch of realism. She is made to remove her jeans and panties and he has her sit on a chair backwards, as this is the position he is going to put her in after the punishment. She is now made to strech over the back of a couch as he explains about this rod he picked up at a local hardware store. He starts off with 10 short strokes, which marks up her butt fairly quickly. He has her count out each stroke, which is something I always liked, and changes the camera angle after ever few strokes. I like this, as you get to see facial expressions in addition to the punishment from the rear view.

After the first 10 strokes, he takes a short break, then issues out another 10 strokes and he carefully places the strokes on spots he didn't hit before. Not the hardest strokes I've ever seen, but given she's an amatuer and this isn't a normal punishment instrument, I think it was still fairly hard. After the rod punishment, he fingers her for a little bit. Seems to be a trademark, as this is in a lot of their videos. She then gets a few slaps on the bare bottom before getting a few final strokes with the rod. As mentioned, she is then made to conclude her punishment by sitting backwards on a wooden chair. We then see her a few days later and she pulls down her pants and panties to show that her bottom is still bruised and this concludes segment one.

Segment 2 seems to start in the middle of the action. I would imagine there was a technical problem with the tape, as it seems sort of odd to just pick up in the middle of a spanking with no lead up. The spankee is a young blonde, who was in a few other of Amateur's recent videos as well. She's a real cutie and she takes a pretty good spanking as well. The segment starts with the girl over our guy's lap getting a hand spanking over her white with print panties. She is then made to stand up and lean just slightly over a desk. Her panties come down and she is then hand spanked on the bare buttocks. This part lasts for a little bit, as at one point he has her move against the wall to continue the spanking portion. He then has her pull up her panties and has her bend over a chair where he will now administer the rod. She gets 8 over the panties and he changes the camera angle every few strokes. The scene is well played out and he takes his time in between strokes. He tells her at one point that she has to show her father her butt when she gets home and if he feels that the punishment wasn't good enough, he'll spank her. Needless to say, she didn't care for this too much, so he is going to make sure the session is good enough.

Since he wants to make sure that she doesn't have to be punished when she gets home, he has her pull down her panties for another 8 strokes with the rod. Once again, several angles used and he takes him time in between strokes. After the final 8, the video comes to an end. All in all, I thought this was a good video. The models were really cute and the punishments were satisfactory. As I've said before, for an amateur company, they turn out a really good product. The video quality and sound quality is average and the video lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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