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Please Cane Me

23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/2/09

Two unemployed actresses--one of those verdant productive plot guarantees. A very pretty frizzy brunette is arranging an audition through her agent on the phone when her female friend Allison, another actress, stops by, carrying a full armload of spanking implements. It seems Allison has been asked to audition too, but she must appear with a red bottom. She asks the brunette to do the job for her--"you know, what you do with your boyfriend."

Allison, a tall short haired brunette, galmorous but not a schoolgirl, goes OTK. The setting is a one-room couch scene. "Shall we start with your clothes on, or take them off?" Allison defers: "You're the expert." So a solid handspanking proceeds on Allison's skirt. She is a little impatient. "Harder, I've only got an hour." The brunette rolls up her skirt and admires the progress so far. Any misgivings she had about spanking a woman are dispelled. "I could get into this."

The brunette spanker: "Plenty of time. I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve." Next is a floppy paddle on a long handle, an instrument we don't recall seeing from CalStar's locker but which looks daunting. Allison must kneel on the floor to allow the brunette a more full swing. Allison is getting into it also. "If I don't get the part it will be your turn." Next, she kneels on the couch, skirt off. The brunette positions her just-so, "So I can come down with some really pounding smacks."

The next implement is a very thick leather sole-like paddle, as intimidating as imaginable. Allison just about jumps off the couch at the first stroke. Even the brunette says "Wow." The red bottom is being achieved and then some; this worthy implement produces classic paddle bruises. The brunette fondles her "work of art."

Of course, at CalStar, cane time always comes. Into the dining room and over the table. "This is going to hurt but it's worth it." About 20 sharp strokes on the bare bottom, with just a thong strap between two quivering cheeks. This actress learned to cane somewhere. "This is my dream come true...caning a woman."

"Grip tight, for the grand finale." In fact, 4 even harder strokes. And, "four more to do," but we see only two, probably because a limit was reached. The brunette invites Allison back "for revenge." We'd like to be there. Very sexy stuff for such a simple plot, and we enjoyed the girls' constant salacious banter.

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