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Pony Express

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/1/08

Secretary Sue bangs away at a typewriter and needs a cross-town messenger quickly, so she calls Pony Express and handsome muscled Glenn the pony guy arrives on a motorcycle. Sue is snippy with him and he back with her. The repartee quickly leads to: "Have you ever been spanked?" Sue weakens and gives him her home address for that evening. "Sometimes I like the cheeky type," she says.

Glenn arrives that evening and finds a spanking magazine on the CalStar white couch. "You're quite into this spanking thing." "Yes, I am." Time to move things along.

Buxom Sue pulls down her tights and wiggles giggling over Glenn's lap. He spanks on her white panties. "I am just warming you up." She gasps and coos. "You're being very nasty." As they banter he keeps up the spanking. "How far can you go?" The answer comes: "Harder, harder." She stands to remove skirt, panties, and boots. Back OTK, she spreads her legs for our benefit. "I really love this." Glenn sends her to find "exactly what you've got in your drawers." She returns with a short thick tawse and takes a dose over the couch. Sue: "I'm getting horny." Glenn: "You'd better be. I didn't come all this way for nothing."

In a pose we haven't seen: Sue stands on the couch and stretches one leg straight along the back for maximum exposure--gasps and moans, sweet sounds. It is a sexy romantic event, without any punitive edge. She is sent off again for her cane, intentionally showing us her nice little frontage. Back up on the couch, but this position doesn't function for swings of the cane. Glenn wants her grabbing her ankles and so do we. Full screen bottom, Glenn demands she say, "Yes, master" and lays on 15 impressive strokes. "I think you're a bastard." That cost her "three more hard ones." Glenn must continue his deliveries--we thought they would step into the bedroom after all this, but he will be back. Sue kept on her little jumper top the whole time; that's where we'd start next time, with that jumper, before using the cane again.

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