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time: 25 minutes
year: 2001
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/22/09

The half-length exercise, in a different setting for CalStar, an airy sunlit poolroom, and starring an airy sunlit blonde lady. Since she is the only female on the scene, Susan would seem to be our object of interest for today. She is "Brian's" girlfriend, and he quickly teases her into a game of pool--if she wins she gets a 100 pd dress, if she loses, well, we know what will happen to her, but she still gets the dress.

The sound production in the large open room is poor, but we get the idea. Susan loses the game to The Hustler. Brian announces the spanking: "It's going to be quite hard, believe me." He starts her OTK. She is in black slacks and white blouse and in a moment she stands to drop her slacks herself to expose white panties. Brian's "Oh, perfect" is quite accurate. Her bottom is blushing red. "I'll take these down in a minute."

Down. The spanking is filmed over Brian's shoulder, as his palm strikes her cheeks, a view we enjoy. Camera views from the front and rear. Susan is just bowlegged enough to offer the additional views we covet. Brian fondles and gropes as always. "Your bottom is will stand up to the cane quite well."

A bit of a pause and Susan gets her panties back up. Brian tells her to get over the pool table. She wants that dress. A moment here in praise of pool tables. Is it possible to control your imagination when a curvy lady plays pool? The table is just the right height, its edges are padded, and the green felt beautifully contrasts a pink bottom. Pants back off, up she goes, we get a glimpse of her tawny bush. Pause and hold this gorgeous rear view.

Susan is very quiet. Brian warms her up with his oval paddle, loud cracks echo off the brick walls. Her legs are apart. Next, a floppy paddle he borrowed. "It hurts a bit more, Jerry (his lending friend) said. I'm trying to get tears in your eyes."

His cane is at hand. She takes more than 30 strokes, probably repeats. Camera angles on her face, front and rear, and from the floor below her bottom. At 23 strokes, she jumps up in pain. "Back down." When he concludes he checks his handiwork. "Lovely." He is right--it is and she is.

Susan climbs down and walks off half-nude, a bit sore. Would she like to play another game of pool, for the same stakes? She thinks but declines, guessing where she would end up.

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