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Poolside Punishment

33 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/2/09

Early CalStar, a Spanking For Pleasure (SfP) imprint, which we've always felt bodes well, because the people directing the work have been spanked themselves. CalStar has mixed results filming outside--sunlight, aircraft, and highway traffic seem to intrude. It is all under control here.

The setting is a sanatarium--someone's country house was used, as in other CalStar work. Two young ladies are attendants to the residents. Their female matron boss, a severe blonde Domme we know takes no prisoners and can really make a bare bottom ring, gives them brief time off, and they instantly go gamboling across the estate lawns to the pool, "strip off" their uniforms, and lie at the pool delightfully, in only bra and panties. They paddle around the pool on a raft. If you are an afficionado of naked nymphs in pools, you know the beauty of bikini'ed bottoms kicking on floats.

The matron returns unexpectedly of course and discovers the girls wearing little or nothing at the pool. With an unmistakable gleam in the matron's eye, the action begins. The girls stand there in their wet skimpies, receive their dressing-down, and agree to spankings in lieu of firings. This hard choice always seems to pan out.

A cute blonde is first, actually only in polka dot bikini panties. Matron takes her OTK on a park-like bench. There is some shuffling to accomodate the lithe blonde's slinky body along the bench with its built-in armrests. Not the ideal piece of spanking furniture, but we're having fun here at the Manor. The Domme actress spanks hard and slowly, and with decisiveness. Gasps immediately. The second girl, a brunette in wet red undies, is next, and squirms delightfully.

The Domme throws both girls into the pool, and directs them to drape themselves over the edge, where she bends down to continue handspanking the wet, wriggling bottoms. Sexy stuff. One girl laughs: "This is a raw deal."

The matron pulls down both pairs of panties and ignores "Pervert!" from one of them. She spanks them with soft poolside slippers. Both bottoms are pale, round, wet and perfect in this bucolic glistening setting.

On the lawn, the girls kneel nude, cross-wise, one on top of the other, so the Domme can spank both wet bottoms. Then they are directed to report to her office in 10 minutes, in full uniform.

She awaits, smacking a riding crop in her palm, in fancy paneled Victorian digs. The girls report and immediately say: "You won't get away with this." The indefatigable Domme: "I have been. It is the only way to get results."

The brunette lies over a straight chair. Her uniform is pulled up. "Where are your panties?" "They were wet." The Domme cracks the crop hard and fast. Gasps, and an immediate end to any chit-chat. The punishment concludes, the little blonde having escaped the session. We hope she is a slow learner.

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