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Potpourri #3 - Nurses

Nu West 093
Length:25 min

Nu-West's sequential no-plot spankings; OK w/me as long as job gets done. Four young girls (younger than usual for NW) see four different nurses for health complaints; each is stripped buck nude; given a rectal temperature, and then spanked when the reading is normal. Routine studio stuff in the pre-shave era. Always listen for NW's unscripted dialogue banter. For the thermometer: "Does this hurt?" and while undressing: "Keep your socks on, it's cold in here."

Scene opens with totally nude chunky blonde (no socks) already fully extended OTK with a formally-uniformed nurse. Then this sequence is repeated for each of the girls: while the naked girl is stretched OTK, nurse menacingly snaps on rubber gloves, lubricates a finger, then inserts it into the squirming girl's anus; a thermometer is pushed in for a measured time; when it is removed and the results read as normal, the girl is scolded and given a lengthy spanking. She's certainly in position for it. The camera angle on this first blonde is poor, maybe intentionally, so you can't verify the insertion of the finger or the thermometer, but her reflexive body movements and grimaces looked good at the moments of truth. She took about 90 hard handsmacks, with a better camera view.

Girl #2 (is this a skinny Katie?); cute as a button; enters stage fully dressed in jumper and knee socks and is made to undress (I love Lee's forced stripping scenes). Her lube job is rougher, a real probing; her spanking is not so hard, but the wiggle is wonderful and suspiciously Katie.

Girls #3 and #4, tall, thin, with long brown hair, get stethoscope checks (shiver, it's cold!) when they're naked, before OTK and the lube. The camera angle for the insertion is better. Girl #3 retains her panties till she's OTK (cute) and gets the longest spanking, at least 100 strokes, probably some repeats. Girl #4 is spanked with a small paddle--the strokes are short and smashing, with some repeats, but there are about 90 on a fine bottom, which elicit some histrionic squawking; they add up and they worked for me.

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