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I ordered this video from and was surpriesed at the quick mailing time, considering it came from Australia (10 days). I think they did a nice job creating a realistic environment on this video. The uniforms are very authentic looking, as is the classroom. There are 2 girls sent to detention for various infractions. One is blonde, the other is brunette. The spanker in this video is a brunette, who is a prefect. I hadn't heard of a prefect before, but I guess it's a trusted senior student who has been given some responsibities over other students. She also is wearing a uniform, but it's a little different. Anyway, the video opens with the 2 girls sitting at desks worrying about the detention. In walks the prefect and informs them of the punishment they are going to receive. First, each girl recieves a hand spanking over their white panties. I think this girl delivers a pretty hard blow. Then, the blonde is made to bend over a desk and she is spanked over the panties again, and then on the bare butt. Now it's the brunette's turn. Same deal, a few spanks over the panties, then on the bare. They pull up the panties after each round, which I sort of like. They continue alternating with various instruments from a hair brush to various paddles and straps. This is a long detention with plenty of different instruments used. The final session is with the cane. Each girl is caned while bent over the desk and then grabbing the knees. The prefect doesn't hold back, so their bottoms are very red and marked by the end of the detention. I really enjoyed this tape. Authentic looking setting with excellent action. Alot of different angles, including facial shots and the quality of the video was very good. The video is approximately an hour long.

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