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Prefect's Stripes

54 Minutes
Directed by George
Featuring: Catherine Corbett
Jana Moon

Third Reviewy by MARS posted 11/19/10

A formulaic oldie, reviewed already by two others. We'll amplify and be brief. Four experienced CP actresses, Catherine Corbett, Dublin O'Brien, Gina Moon, and Sarah Harvey Lewis play secondary school prefects being punished by their respective schoolmasters, several of whom we have seen before.

The masters lament the coming abolition of corporal punishment and toast memories of past dsciplinary sessions. As they chat and drink, straight whisky from a bottle like American cowboys at a Western saloon scene, they torment the blond waitress, who knows geezer perverts when she sees them. She calls them "perverted," and should not have been too surprised when she earns the first bare-bottom OTK of the day.

The first fond CP reminiscence--four Head Girls lined up against Moonglow's paneled walls, wearing spiffy school blazers and skirts. Each (Corbett, Lewis, O'Brien, and Moon) is tawsed by her master, bare-bottom, bent over a vintage wood school desk. Some of these actresses show signs of having been spanked recently.

Back to the barroom scene. The men toast "To the Cane." In the same paneled-wall setting each girl is caned. Corbett takes 15, bottom full-sceen. She is a tough, resilient spankee, whose little suffering gasps always entertain, and whose appearance on the screen guarantees a fulfilling and legitimate spanking sequence.

Lewis takes a crisp 15, her "flimsy" panties down. The glamorous O'Brien gets only 11, on the light and moderate scale. And Moon closes with 17, the best of the work, but who's complaining?

Fade back to the present and the men around the table--Dublin O'Brien reports to them. she has been caught smoking pot and here is the last chance in the modern era for a good caning. "Get yourself to the punishment room." There, the four masters take turns caning her bare bottom, not hard, but it builds. Six strokes, nine from the second master, 6 from the third, and 6 for the final cuts, some of which are toe-curlers.

Some websites where this video is accessible call it "Perfect Stripes," whiich is wishful and not wholly accurate. We do applaud Moonglow's attention to ritual and these four courageous striped ladies.

Second Review by Alex Gardner. Posted 1/12/07

Four housemasters at a girl's school are having a drink together and lamenting the imminent abolition of corporal punishment. They fondly recall the occasion when the four head-girls of their respective houses were tawsed for visiting a public house in contravention of school rules. Cue the first set of flashbacks. Then they fondly recall the occasion when the same four were caned for cheating in an exam. Cue the second set of flashbacks. In addition, the film is topped and tailed with two contemporary punishments. First, the waitress serving the teachers gets spanked for calling them perverts. Finally, one of the headgirls (Riley) is reported for smoking pot, allowing the masters to use their beloved canes one last time.

This comparatively complex dramatic structure is not matched by any extraordinary finesse in respect of casting, script, or direction. On the acting side, as so often, it is some of the men who let the side down a bit. The schoolmasters - four middle-aged to elderly Englishmen - are not altogether convincing in their roles. To my eyes, indeed, only one of them (Mr Smythe) seems entirely at ease before the camera. The dialogue is extemporised on the basis of an outline script, and some of the actors are better at this than others. Mr Robinson is especially prone to fluffing his lines and correcting himself. The CP action that we see is supposed to take place on three different occasions, several months or even years apart - yet the characters are always wearing exactly the same clothing! For some unfathomable reason, one of the masters is said to be a newcomer to the school who has missed out on the glory days of discipline; in the flashbacks, the fourth head-girl is supposedly chastised by his predecessor - but this role is plainly played by the same actor (with his face kept out of shot). What is the point?

"Prefects' Stripes" nevertheless has its merits: primarily four attractive young ladies nicely presented in school uniform: purple blazers, white blouses, black ties, black skirts, and white or black knickers. All four actresses are stalwarts of the British spanking scene, their faces and bottoms familiar from other films. They take their punishments well, but the script does not allow them much opportunity to develop character, though at least two if them are to be commended for trying to inject some personality into their scenes. The fourth girl, who has a slight foreign accent (and a lovely large creamy bottom), keeps up a conversation with her punisher; I found her chastisements the most erotic in the film. The waitress (or maid) also has an admirable bottom, but she doesn't deliver enough dialogue to make the most of what could have been an entertainingly ironic little scene. (She accuses the teachers of persversion; they simultaneously deny it and prove her point by taking obvious relish in spanking her!)

Picture and sound quality is good throught "Prefect's Stripes". The quantity of CP is also very satisfactory: in a 54-minute film, we see a five-minute spanking, four tawsings of 45, 47, 18 (hard), and 61 (light) strokes, four canings of about 16 strokes each, and a final caning of 27 strokes. The main punishments are staged and shot with very little variation, however, which can make them seem slightly mechanical. The director has not really made the most of the spankee-talent available to him.

In summary, "Prefects' Stripes" is a solid run-of-the-mill British schoolgirl spanking feature. Attention to detail is fairly poor, but the basics are strong enough to provide the viewer with essential satisfaction. I don't regret buying "Prefects' Stripes". I have watched it several times with enjoyment. But I will feel no real hesitation about taking it back to my supplier for part-exchange (in the expectation of obtaining something equally good or better).

Original Review by Henry Lamont

This video featured great sound, nice camera work and perfect bottoms taking lots of punisment.

This video starts with four men sitting at a table discussing the new law banning caning. The men, all schoolmasters, are drinking whiskey and lamenting a new law that will go into effect at midnight that bans the use of the cane. The maid named Mary is called to the table and they ask her what she thinks of the cane being abolished. Mary says she thinks it is great and calls the four men perverts. She must be punished for this of course. The newest member of the faculty gets the job of hand spanking her over her tiny panties. Mary is very pretty and has a perfect bottom. The new member is urged on to spank harder by hand by the other three men. This new man is soon replaced by the oldest and most experienced of the School Masters. The spanking continues a bit harder now with Mary's bottom getting pink. Now she is made to apologize to each of the schoolmasters. The girl is sent away and the men talk about their past experiences. They recall the punishment of four school prefects.

We see four pretty girls are lined up in a room, they all dressed in their school uniforms, skirts and blouses with jackets. Apparently the women went to a pub when they were told not to. They start with the head girl bending over a desk revealing a perfect bottom. All of the girls get a nasty tawsing. Each girl is punished by different faculty member.

The next scene finds the men back at the table drinking and talking about a caning incident. The scene fades back to the same room the girls were punished in before. It seems they have been caught cheating and are to be caned over the same desk. Again, a different headmaster punishes each girl. Each of the girls is reduced to tears from the severity of the caning.

Now it is back to the same room and table with the four men drinking a toast to the memory of that last caning. The head girl comes in with a note saying she has been caught smoking pot. Get yourself to the punishment room the oldest man says, we will be along to join you. They decide to each give her six strokes of the cane. That' twenty-four stokes of the cane. We are coming to the end of an era the oldest man says as the video comes to its end.

My impression of this video is that it takes me back in time to the golden age of British Spanking erotica. The punishments are hard and true and features the loveliest of the spanking cinema's top performers, most notably Catherine Corbett, Sally and Jana Moon. If you are a fan of traditional British schoolgirl CP videos, then ' Perfects Stripes' is a video that you must see.

Review edited by David Pierson

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