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42 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/5/08

Another of our preferred oldies. A CalStar regular is beside himself with anticipation over getting the clothes off two spankable blondes, models who want to make CP videos for his magazine company. Superb example of ageplay--older editor/publisher gets access to the bottoms of eager compliant young models. Charles does these interviews "at his house" because they are "too complicated" at his office. Yeah, right.

Suzanne and Toni page through Janus #65. Suzanne wants to know "how hard" the spankings are going to be, and Toni asks (a) "Do we keep our knickers on?" and (b) "What happens if one of us cries?" Charles has done these interviews before and knows to be cleverly evasive in his replies.

Charles will interview each girl, check out her figure, then put her through a little trial spanking scenario. Suzanne is first, says she is 20 years old and claims not to know what "CP" is. Her black outfit comes off-top, slacks, and thong. Charles requests a few rather indelicate nude poses, but those positions would have been on our list too. He sits at the very same glass-top table CP queen Sophie Fennington spread herself out on in another video.

Toni is next, a frizzy blonde we've seen before, who has a nice little trait of raising her bottom to meet the hand. She says she is 19 and that her measurements are 36-22-36, which we will see in detail are probably very accurate. Her clothes come off, but she retains he pink silk panties for the brief present. Charles is having enormous fun with this collectable young lady.

Suzanne is ready for her part #3--the spanking vignette. Charles asks her to suggest something naughty she has done, to enhance the mood for being spanked, and over she goes, OTK for a spanking on the black slacks. Standing with pants down, Charles really lays on the martinet, harder than Suzanne was expecting. Thong down for the tawse. She is having a hard time keeping her bottom still. She strips nude for "old trusty," the cane. She kneels on a chair and then up over the round Sophie-table and tilts her bottom in a naughty way. There are about 30 fast cane strokes, not hard, but colorful. To conclude, she is spanked again OTK, and they both agree it is all quite another matter when bare-bottom. Suzanne finds it all "quite exciting" and is going to tell her boyfriend. Cute stuff.

Toni's turn for her "improvisation." He spanks her standing, then uses a spongy strap--slacks and panties down. All clothes off, Toni makes a bridge for the martinet. This is a highly recommended posture, especially when you are a "36." Charles is almost out of control. Toni must assume the diaper position on the floor for the strap--very compromising for a 19 year old. More strapping over a chair.

Toni's "final phase" is of course "the oldest member of the establishment--old trusty." 15 strokes, harder than for Suzanne.

Both girls are now nude and encouraged by Charles to cream each other. Toni spanks Suzanne a little more to try to achieve red-bottom parity. This video is mostly about pretty young things in states of undress. Charles tells them they are "both born naturals."

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