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Prison Governess

25 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/23/09

Simple one-room flat format from CalStar, a prison administrator punishes a prisoner; nothing of any imagination whatsoever here. This half-hour of our lives was saved by some good acting by the actress who plays Prisoner #039.

A thin blonde sits at a table in a sort of empty classroom, her spanking implements fanned out in front of her. This would seem to be her favorite part of the day and we will see she enjoys it a bit more than she is probably supposed to. A brunette prisoner, "039," is called in, surely knowing she is going to get scorched. She must raise her skirt, and the Governess reserves to herself the privilege of pulling her pants down to give her bottom a close look before the festivities begin.

#039 bends over the table for a mild tawsing from a four-fingered strap. the symbolism here is that she has been fingering other prisoners in inappropriate places and now it is her turn. "I'll beat the frustration out of you." The Governess definitely likes to fondle: "Your bottom is getting nice and warm." She increases the intensity of the tawsing. "How many other girls have you fingered?"

The Governess switches to handspanking over a table, giving us the confirming glance to the cameraand picking up a strap. "This is going to be a nasty one." It really doesn't get used to its potential. The martinet is next. It seems she is using a different implement for each offense #039 has committed. The Governess humps #039's protruding naked bottom a little bit, then actually climbs up onto the table, straddles the girl, and whips down with the martinet.

"You've got the final beating to tried to escape." This means "the cane." Back over the table again for #039. She takes about 15 cane strokes. At about 8 strokes: "Take your caning properly. Stop that sobbing." Her tears seem authentic, and she is making some attempt to be brave and not show her suffering. Very nice. Sore bottom; she's finished. "Next!"

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