Private Lessons

Time:25 minutes
Year: '80's.

Not sure of this producer; but it's very British, brief, and in the era when we didn't mind a few curly hairs and we covered ourselves when we could. A thin young schoolgirl fidgets on the floor, skylarking through her schoolwork; a stern attractive female tutor, Miss Harper, hovering nearby, grabs the girl's notebook and is disgusted with the work. She drags the girl to her feet, puls up her skirt, and slaps her thighs, loud and hard, leaving white palm marks. The girl squirms to avoid the handslaps. It stings just to watch.

Harper sees this isn't working. The girl is taken OTK on the couch, where her thin pretty thighs are still the target. Harper drags down her blue knickers ans spanks very hard. We have a wonderful view straight up her legs from the rear. You can see this actress took her pants off for her audition. A crisp firm performance on a beautiful well-lit tush. The girl's a struggler though--she spills off onto the floor.

Harper garners a hairbrush and has the girl kneel up on the couch, skirt up, bottom bare, for just a few strokes. But she's sassy. So: "Get these clothes off..come on...move." Down to an undershirt ("vest") and pants, our young lady is made to run in place. The actress playing Miss Harper seems to be enjoying herself. The girl must take off her vest and touch her toes. Harper slaps her bottom as she is ordered to pull down then pull up her pants repeatedly. Silly but sexy, and great views of a pretty bottom in the process.

Harper gets and flourishes a cane while the girl hurriedly pulls back on her clothes. She is made to read and memorize a poem. She gets a swipe of the cane and off comes the skirt---that didn't last long. Another try at the poem. No luck. Pants down. Harper repeatedly prompts her bottom with the cane as the girl tries to memorize at least something. Dr. Spock probably never advocated this methodology, but we do. We get some leisurely frontal views as the process goes on.

She kneels up on the couch and receives at least a dozen legitimate cane strokes and struggles mightily, providing us wonderful look-ins on the whole young lady. This is a ringside seat. Miss Harper tells her it's not over. "Let's make it 10 more." "Oh, no, not 10. Please, Miss." This performance is notable for the girl being pressed almost the full 25 minutes and for the impressively severe Miss Harper.

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