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Private Matters

Directed and Produced: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster

This is a great spanking video with a delicious cast. Two of my favorite spankees; Amanda Morrison, and Kristine Imboch star in this one. On to the story...Samantha Spade (Amanda Morrison) is a Private Investigator looking into a cheating wife case. Kristine plays the part of Hilary Claiborne the wife who is under suspicion for cheating. Samantha has seen Hilary in the arms of a man other than her husband. So she visit's the alleged philanderer and gives her a choice of Corporal Punishment or reporting the infidelity to her husband. Naturally Hilary agrees to the Corporal Punishment. Kristine has one of those great rear ends that colors-up fast and beautifully. And when Amanda has sufficiently reddened that beautiful ass of Kristine's by hand, she takes out a belt and continues the punishment. She finishes up with a small, but solid wooden paddle. In the end Kristine's butt is bruised and swollen. Amanda Morrison is very adept at the role of the dominant and gives a very good, hard spanking.

In scene two we have Samantha Spade returning to get hers. It seems that she was mistaken in assuming Hilary was cheating on her husband and had punished her unjustly for an infidelity that never happened. She was actually hugging her brother and not her lover, so Hilary repays Sam Spade in kind. She starts by ordering Amanda to strip off her clothing, throws her over the bed and immediately begins the punishment, First a good hard hand spanking over panties, and then on the bare bottom. Next it's time for a strapping, and finally the use of a long, thin leather paddle. Kristine Imboch is also adept at playing the dominant role. As a matter of fact, both of these gorgeous women play both sides, Dom and sub, to perfection. This is a very enjoyable, light-hearted romp into the world of corporal punishment.

I like this video very much for several reasons. The women are very sexy and erotic. The spankings are hard, and severe, although not overboard. And in both scenes we get to see those enticing private parts in all their glory. The videography is superb, the scenery believable, and the acting is more than adequate. It should be noted that on the Chelsea Pfeiffer site this videos stars are listed as Morgan Phoenix and Kristine Imboch, when in fact it's Amanda Morrison, not Morgan Phoenix. I give it an 8 1/2 out of 10 on the Spank-O-Meter.

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