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45 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/29/10

A surprising combination of rousing spanking and sex to its completion, by attractive actors. Each scene surpassed its predecessor. The crusty headmaster-predator Mr. Johnson, of "Bad Headmaster 2" (aka "Naughty Novac Sisters") gives tutoring lessons. Dawkins, a convincing schoolgirl pigtailed brunette, eyeglasses, and uniform, will prove she is already quite educated.

She arrives late for her session, sends some text-messages in the moments waiting at the door, and generally infuriates Mr. Johnson. Spankable material. In fact, "I spanked you the last time, didn't I?" Left to study, she dallies and masturbates, legs wide on her stool.

Johnson catches her and the action begins. OTK on the couch, skirt up, white panties. Johnson notes the marks from his last spanking. "I know what you want. We're going to do that later...our little secret." Panties down, "legs apart." Dawkins is taking her spanking quite in stride, as if it were the conduit to the next event. "Isn't my mother's money enough for you, Mr. Johnson?" He does want more. He apparently has "dirty pictures" of Dawkins and her friend Debra, which are his entre and ticket to lots of adventure.

Johnson discusses other girls he tutors and disciplines. "They never told me they were sucking your cock. I thought it was only me." Skirt off, shirt and tie off, she is naked but for eyeglasses and kneesox. Intoxicating. Over the couch arm for the paddle--she has a wide round particularly female bottom and hips--young, firm, and perfect. Spankings continue amid references to the sex they are going to have. She keeps her back arched, knees spread, and bottom cocked.

"All your marks will be on your bottom and none on your papers." They are both in heat. Amid the paddlings, he fondles and frigs Dawkins, who is quite receptive. Johnson: "I need my pleasure."

The cane is next for this beautiful undulating bottom. 15 strokes--she is dead quiet. At 15: "Please, no more, I'd rather suck your cock."

And the surprises just continue. Johnson simply drops his pants and Dawkins gets started.The remaining 10 minutes are conventional porn, albeit the most dramatic ageplay contrast we can recall. "This is more like it, Mr. Johnson."

"Does caning my bare bottom get you excited, Mr. Johnson?" With a little b.j. help, the answer is visually stupendous. They perform adventurous athletic sex in various positions. Doggy-style is enhanced by her red striped bottom. Johnson is happy to say he is 65. "You're 18, right?" "I am."

He has his orgasm. "There's a good girl. Another lesson learned." She is sent back to her studies, but the round-bottomed trouper isn't finished. "Ill do my chemistry and come back and give you another blow job."

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