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15 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/2/09

Short filler by CalStar; a familiar theme; a female domme takes advantage of her female domestic servant. Brunette Ruby sits at a polished dining table we have seen graced by bare bottoms before at the CalStar studios. Her mistress, a dramatic blonde in her own right, is going to spank Ruby for her poor housework, just like she gets spanked by her husband. From the look of her, that would be entertaining.

There isn't much time here. Ruby goes OTK, her black panties come down, and the spanking is routine, well filmed from over the madame's shoulder, and she is clearly fascinated with Ruby's anatomy. She makes Ruby fetch the cane for her, a sadistic little activity which always increases the tension.

Madame helps Ruby remove her blouse and skirt, down to her black bra, panties, and matching high heels. Ruby is urged to climb onto and kneel bottom-up on the fancy table. This would not seem to have much to do with punishment for poor housework. "Is this how your husband does you, Miss?"

The caning begins, Ruby looking like a floral centerpiece. 8 hard strokes; "Do you like that, Ruby?" "No, Miss." She pulls Ruby's pants down in this dramatic pose and lays on 30 strokes. There are pauses, frequent very intimate fondling, madame kisses her bottom several times, and lots of sexy undertone talk we couldn't hear. "Do you like caning, Miss?" "I love caning you...would you like me to deal with you or my husband deal with you?"

This episode is filled with caning and punishment crammed into a short performance. At the conclusion, Ruby accepts an offer to retire to the bedroom.

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