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Punishment Profiles 1

Produced and Directed by: M (we're on a first name basis now)
Special Spanking Choreography: Lady D
Starring: Lady D
Review by David Pierson:

"Punishment Profiles 1" is another successful effort from the leader of the new wave movement in spanking video erotica. This production is very different from Films previous efforts in as much as this is the documentation of an intimate exchange between Lady D, the best spanking dominant in the business, and a bevy of lovely young women seeking stardom in the world of the spanking cinema.

In Punishment Profiles 1, what we have here is a unique take on the job interview.

Lady D: Good morning young lady. How are you?
Prospective Submissive: Fine
Lady D: What brings you here today?
Prospective Submissive: I'm here to be spanked.
Lady D: Ok then...take off all of your clothes and come across my lap.

Now how often do you hear that during a job interview? Really? Sorry I asked.

Basically, "Punishment Profiles 1" is a collection of audition tapes featuring some of's most popular models.

In each of the segments, there was a brief interview. I assume that this was dome to be certain that the girls in question were there for the spanking auditions and not applying for the clerical position. This prevents expensive litigation.

As the girls affirmed the fact that they were there for a spanking they were instructed to remove all of their clothes. Then they were required to lay across Lady D's lap. Once in that position we got to know the girls in a whole new way. Prostrate over Lady D's lap we are all treated to the lovely site of the exposed and freshly waxed charms (Ouch!) of these young lovelies. Once in that position, Halley, Ginger, Bobbi, April and Tyler learned why Lady D has been acclaimed the best spanker in all of corporal punishment video erotica. Under the ministrations of Lady D's skilled hands, (yes hands... she spanks with both.) each of these beautiful young women had their bottoms turned such a lovely shade of red. At the conclusion of their spankings the bottoms of these future stars of the spanking cinema resembled the color of a Los Angles sunset during phase IV smog alert.

One can not say enough about the spanking performer who is know as Lady D. To be an effective dominant one must be trustworthy. In this video we see why the young women of Films put their faith and their bottoms in Lady D's hands. She struck a strong rapport with each of these young hopefuls. She clearly admired the beautiful bodies of the naked young women whom she was soon to spank. They clearly responded to her as well. Lady D isn't much older than the young women she is spanking. It is the interaction between Lady D and her beautiful costars that makes this production a very special experience in video erotica.

With "Punishment Profiles 1", the revolution that is Films continues. While this revolution may not be televised it is available on videotape and, soon, DVD.



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