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Pub Side Punishment

51 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/16/10

Another pedestrian CalStar effort, and seems produced earlier than 2009. Pub owner Harry uses the proven method of spanking to discipline his three barmaids. The scene is in one bar room set and a tacky seating area, with poor accoustics which prevent the prattle among the barmaids from being heard clearly. The girls tussle among themselves for perceived affronts.

Brunette Michelle, dressed in slinky black, and brunette Katcha, in white blouse and mini skirt,grab brunette Tammi and wrestle her over a bar table, roll up her red skirt and unbutton her peasant blouse, some sexual play between her legs and with her breasts, in lesbian byplay.

Harry, an older guy in CalStar ageplay tradition, returns to his bar. "What is going on here?" The girls implicate each other, but he will deal with all of them. Tammi is the first to be spanked, OTK. They must change positions in the room to facilitate the camera angle. Skirt up, purple panties down, a long session. Michelle is next, wearing notable frilly white panties, which Harry admires also and works down with elan. The girls are enjoying each others' spankings. Katcha brings Harry the floppy paddle. Another directional miscue, Michelle has to be moved over a bar table to facilitate better paddle swings. Nice tight bottom. Michelle arches her back, spreads her legs, and stretches her panties across her ankles without prompting.

Katcha's turn over the table. Tammi persuades and is allowed to take over the spanking, and they shift to OTK."Ow, you fucking bitch." This language and the pussy play are not found in CalStar a decade earlier. Tammi spanks hard and hurts her hand. Harry takes over.

The spanking shifts to a seating area, with tacky decor more like the 1970's. Katcha gets the paddle bent over, hard full swings, the most powerful yet, as the other girls hold her still and wince at the strokes. A bigger leather paddle appears. "Ow, that really hurts, Harry!"

Here comes the cane. Katcha: "Oh no, not the cane. That really hurts." Katcha takes almost 30 moderate sexy strokes. The girls go quiet, to facilitate repeats. When Michelle's turn comes, she begs leniency and gets only 5 cane strokes. Tammi is not going to be caned.

Bar owner Harry displays his three employees' bottoms as they kneel on a booth bench. Cute but so-so on the redness index. That's it, girls. Back to work!

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