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Punish A Thief

year: 1985
time: 21 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/1/10

One of the oldest films we have reviewed, an American disribution, a shabby attempt to evoke the eroticism of corporal punishment. Debbie is to be spanked by her aunt. she must put on a "punishment outfit," no more than a man's shirt. White panties a few sizes smaller would have made a huge difference here.

Auntie smacks her thighs--an American thing. Pants down, surprising closeups. Handspanking, strapping, lots of yelling. "Keep your hands off your ass." (You won't hear such language in the UK.) "Keep that skirt up. I want to look at your ass."

Next morning (Auntie doesn't change her outfit), Auntie calls for Debbie to get out of bed, and "Don't bother to put on your panties." More tussling and strapping on the bed. Auntie: "I'm going to mail this paddle to your is your ass?" "Very sore."

Don't bother with this one unless you are writing a history of the industry.

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