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Punished by the Plumber

24 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/27/08

Mrs. Baxter, an attractive young brunette, has hired a plumber to install a new waste disposal. The plumber, a stern fellow from the CalStar Lot, arrives and is a bit overdressed. We know what is going to befall Mrs. Baxter, and it would have been much more humiliating if the plumber were in workman dress. Anyhow, the work is completed, the bill is 350 pounds. Mrs. Baxter is suitably shocked and can't pay. The plumber is not phased (we suspect he padded the bill after eyeing the potential of Baxter's skirted bottom). The usual discussion--she'll take a spanking to mitigate the bill. "I have a few girls like you. I could bring in a few things for a good spanking and caning." Cute premise: we never tire of this sort of blackmail.

He starts her OTK, skirt up. She looks back and asks, "Enough yet?" she must be kidding.

This plumber is experienced. He is firm, crisp, and professional. Baxter is in a pickle. He rolls down her pantyhose and panties. Lighting and camera are perfect on a lovely subject matter. The spanking continues. "Clothes off." "Everything?" "Everything." There she is, naked in her own kitchen. She faces us, thank you. She must bend over a counter for the round stiffened black leather CalStar paddle. Nice cracks. Bruises appear. Next is the familiar stiff leather slapper. The plumber keeps repositioning Baxter's bottom perfectly for the camera. Charming sight--a well-built young lady, bottom-high, pendulous breasts, bent over her own countertop. Slicing and dicing.

"I'm going to get my money's worth from you. Bend over and wait for me." He returns with his cane. They move to the adjacent "lounge," in fact the familiar CalStar set with the white sectional couch. Plenty of DNA and tear stains could be found in this room. She kneels up, wonderful, and the caning begins. 15 moderate strokes, 6 much harder and faster. He feels her bottom along the way, as if he were smoothing dust off it. "Lovely bottom."

"My husband is going to be furious when he ses these welts on my bottom." It wasn't that hard of a caning. Maybe there are some spaces to be filled in. She walks naked back into the kitchen. The plumber tears up the bill. "Nice working with you."

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