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Punished Blackmail Beauties Part 1 & 2

Directed and Produced: by Lee Brasted of Sterntime Productions
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

How can you not love Corporal Punishment as doled out by the inimitable Dana Specht. She embodies all that is good about the Corporal Punishment video genre. She is perhaps the best at scolding the soon to be punished person, and the scolding continues on through the session, which as we all know is the way it happens in real life. Very often the scolding falls into the same rhythm as the spanking, and I find this very exciting.

The story line incorporates beauty and punishment. As the first video opens we find Dana's husband Mr. Lee opening the front door and inviting in that delectable specimen Amber Michaels. It seems he has met her at a boy's night out function and has invited her over to the house. But before he answers the door he sets up a video camera in the closet so that he can tape the happening so as to prove to his friends that he has actually been able to make a date with Amber. Well she proceeds to strip off her very tight, body hugging silver lame dress, and he just goes nuts over her huge breasts. Then she throws him down on the couch and starts to get him excited. While in this state he catches a glimpse, out of the corner of his eye, of someone entering the room, and a flash bulb going off. Amber cajoles him into thinking nothing has taken place and it's just his imagination playing tricks with him, but all of a sudden Amber is no longer interested in playing and is in a hurry to leave telling Mr. Lee that she will call him later, so they can pick up where they left off. Well about an hour later she calls him and says she has to discuss a very important issue with him and will be over in 5 minutes. When she arrives she is packing pictures of the "tryst" and proceeds to blackmail him. I will not go into a blow-by-blow description, but suffice it to say that because he had the camera running in the closet, he is able to turn the tables on her. Now this is where Dana enters the picture. She is going to punish Amber for attempting to blackmail her husband. And punish her she does, with more than a dozen implements, and that scolding from Dana that I have told you about goes on through the whole session. Tune in for Part 2 - now it's Mr. Lee's turn!


And so it continues with Mr. Lee dishing out the punishment. First it's over the knee for a very hard hand spanking, and then it's time for the leather paddle. But first she is made to disrobe completely. Mr. Lee shows us how expert he can be at punishing a wicked girl. Next it's a very hard whipping with a heavy flogger. These are two very HOT videos, and either one can stand on it's own, but I suggest that you buy them as a pair for continuity. Now on to the production value: This video is very well done, no color bleeding, no noise lines, or any thing else to distract from our viewing pleasure, and the camera work is superb. Lots of close-ups, and you never miss a thing. While being clean, it retains a certain lushness of color, and the direction is just right. I highly recommend this video. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give these two a 9.8.

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