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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and updating every few days. Cost of membership is $17.00 USD for 30 days.

Guest Review by Isambard posted 1/15/10

Let's start with the most positive feature of this long established site: it represents astonishing value for money at USD 15 a month. Even at the present lousy exchange rate, we Brits need spend less than a tenner a month. Since the price includes an archive running back to 2006, tightwads could, I suppose, just join for a month and download the lot.

Updates take place three times a week, without fail, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, including Friday 25th December 2009. There are two updates to each complete episode, occurring on the same day in two successive weeks. On, say, Monday, there will be a gallery and the first couple of clips. On the next Monday, you get a further gallery of pics, the remaining clips and the option of a full file of the whole movie - hence three complete films over a fortnight - on Monday and Friday of one week and on Wednesday of the next. Movies are available as WMV (choice of two qualities) or RM files. Each episode usually lasts about 5 to 9 minutes.

Navigation is easy. On entering the members' area, you are immediately presented with the last four weeks' updates in reverse chronological order. For earlier films, archives are available arranged by month, model and top. There are about forty models in the archive, including Amber "Pixie" Wells, Sierra Salem, Sarah Gregory, Leia Ann Woods and Clare Fonda, as well as many attractive women, less famous but unique to the site.

Could anything be improved? Maybe in some respects there could be a bit more variety. The spankings are overwhelmingly OTK, usually shot with three-quarter views of the model's face and bum. There could be some variety in this, maybe with more formal situations - headmaster/principal using the cane/paddle, for instance. Those who like the model to undress completely won't find much - just one scene with a recently joined model so far as I can recall. The models are overwhelming young and white. A couple of girls look as if they may be of east Asian descent, but there are no black or Indian girls. As this is an American site, I would have thought some fine African-American booties could have been found. Again, maybe a bit more could be done for fans of more mature bottoms. There is one film of the beautiful Clare Fonda as a sub, and it would be nice to see more of her, and the scene across the pond is also graced by those wonderful no-longer-teenaged ladies Elizabeth Burns (aka Veronica Daniels) and Erica Scott.

All in all, a site which certainly warrants a subscription.

Review by John O'Connell posted 10/29/06

I had debated for a while if it would be appropriate for me to review the Punished Brats website since David Pierson is a good friend of mine. While I would always remain unbiased, regardless of who runs a website, I didn't know if others would take it that way. However, I can offer insights on the site that frankly no one else can. Today, there are so many sites to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. What does a site offer? Why should one join? Is it too expensive? Will it give me what I'm looking for? These are all questions people ask. When I look at a website, the first thing I'm interested in is does it offer what's advertised? After that, what are the owners like? That might seem like a strange question, but where so many sites are out there, I think it's important the site's purpose is not to only make money. I know that may sound silly, since obviously they all want to make money. But, is that all the site cares about? I've seen sites that no one obviously has a clue to what spanking consumers want. It's painfully apparent that they only want to try and make a buck off the growing interesting in spanking. Then comes the people that actually care about what they are doing. Profit is not their only concern. They want to turn out a quality product. They want to step back and be pleased with their work. They want to be different, fresh, and be proud of their accomplishments. David and his crew at Punished Brats fall into this category.

I've known David for quite a few years and can say he is genuine. The quality of the product far outweighs the financial gain at the end of the line. It is vital to him that the finished product is unique, interesting, and up to his standards. I mention all this because I want to show you that Punished Brats is not run by people that only want to make a buck. I know that David personally has spent a lot (and I do mean a lot) of money getting the company off the ground. And he did it because he wants to add something new to the mix. Whether you like or dislike the material post to this site, he has to be applauded for his unique scenes and dedication to the spanking enthusiast.

Now that I have that out of the way, let's talk about the content on the site. The navigation of the site is pretty simple. Upon entering the members area, you will see a thumbnail link for the last 12 updates, with the name of the scene and the date it was posted. At the top of the page is a navigation bar, which you can click on Archives to view older material. Conveniently, you have an option of viewing the archived material by either model or by date. I always like it when a site has a search by model feature as sometimes you may be interested in just looking at one model at a time instead of by date or scene type.

When you click on a particular update, you are brought to a page that has both the video links and thumbnailed images on it. The video links are text links and you have the option of downloading either 450 kbps clips or 700 kbps clips. Most of the time you also have a choice to download the entire video or download two or three parts. The video quality at default (320 x 240) is sharp and clear. It can be doubled to 640X480 with some quality loss, but still pretty good for an internet download. Clip size varies but is generally 10 MB for a 450 kbps segment and 15 MB for a 750 kbps segment. Most of the time there are only 2 segments, so if a full download is available, it generally is not larger than 30 MB.

The photos are all thumbnailed on the video page with the image expanding to 483X362. While it would be nice if they were 640X480, they are still a good size and are very sharp and clear. You also have a nice selection of shots for each scene. Generally, there are at least 25 photos that span from the introduction to the rubbing of the bottom or standing in the corner.

What can I say, I'm a fan of the site. Even if David was not a friend of mine, I'd still love the site. All the scenes are unique and fresh. Not the same boring stuff over and over again. You just never know what they are going to put together next. The video quality is average, but with technology becoming more readily available, I believe that we will eventually see DVD quality vids at full screen or near full screen (please?). The site has a preview tour with sample clips and there are naturally updates and photos posted here. Check them out and if you like what you see, by all means give it a look.

Guest Review by Brushstrokes posted on 10/29/06

When I originally contacted this site about possible model interviews I was surprised to get an email back from the venerable David Pierson of SpReview. Now I was a little intimidated since A) he is a legend in the industry and B) Pretty much everything I know learned about interviewing spanking models came from his site. Turns out That David and Amber Pixie Wells owns and operates Punished Brats!

In the internet world of overblown ego's and self absorption. I met a low key, unassuming man who was more then happy to help out a newbie in the spanking blog world. It turns out that David subscribes to the adage that Imitation is the worlds best flattery, since my site would not be what it is today without his advice, encouragement and encyclopedic knowledge of the spanking industry. For that I am deeply thankful, So today dear readers I am proud to present the review of Punished brats!

Punished Brats, Is another east coast based spanking house. I can honestly say is one of my favorite spanking sites. They offer high quality video's and pictures of beautiful girls getting the butt beatings of their life. The site seems to focus (but not exclusively) on OTK. (one of my favorites of course).

The site is more free form then some of our recent sites we have reviewed, without a central theme (other then spankings of course!). The site is about 5 months old with an impressive amount of video and photography for its age. It is consistently 3 times a week. All updates are movies AND related photo's which is nice. The movies are released in two or 3 parts running about 2:30 apiece which makes the full movies between 5 and 8 minutes. A nice touch to note, when the movie is complete they offer a "full movie download" which is all the parts merged together. It saves you a load of time trying to merge the pieces together for a full viewing. The site also offers high quality and low quality downloads for those of you still on dialup.

Until November 1st, the site has a introductory cost of 15.95 a month. Now, the site price will go up on Nov 1st to $19.95. BUT! the price stays the same for everyone who signed up prior to the price increase. Now people that is a fine example of valuing your customer.

The quality of the video both technical and spanking wise is excellent. I am not expert but I would have to say the next step up would be high-def. All are downloadable WMV files, there is no drm

At last count they had 56 Full movies in their archive at about an avg of 6 minutes. At $19.95 that's about $3.56 per hour of spanking fun. As for the new content a full movie comes out once every 3-5 days. From their history they look to have about 4 full movies a month updated. At roughly 8 minutes apiece (they are getting longer as the site matures) you talking about 28 minutes of new material a month. Which for the quality of this site is quite a good deal.

Ah the girls. Well if your concerned about the quality of the girls. let me say this, Aside from the other very attractive brats on the site just two words. Pixie and Leia.

If you liked what you read in their interviews their bright red rears are here for you to see. Since The spanking spot has already interviewed these two, I'll talk about some of the other girls who are incredible on their own.

Vanessa with a hot little rear and quite a convincing teenager in both looks and dress. Sarah, well I'm not a tattoo nut but OMG I am in love! The famous Sierra Salem. Holly who is really beginning to grow on me (she takes a hell of a spanking) and Emma who's high class bitchy and the fact she looks fantastic in a cheerleaders uniform makes her almost a perfect spankee. Folks, these are by far not the only girls on the site.

The Outfits run the gambit of typical spanking fare, School girls which are always a welcome spanking staple. Cheerleaders whom I love!, Lots of Jeans and Jean Skirts which is one of my favorite! Throw in a maid or slinky dress and you have a winning combo. The scenes are also nothing fancy, Father/Daughter, Mother/Daughter and Sorority just to name a few. (Did I say how much I love jean skirts!)

There are perhaps two girls that I would suggest don't do school girl scenes, One of which can take an impressive board and one of which hasn't and has a body to kill for! Actually come to think of it, I dated a girl from Philly who is a spitting image of her. hmm....... Anyway I digress.

The spankings are HARD, The M/F being much harder then the F/F scenes (Don't tell me you can't spank hard ladies, The "Mom" at Realspankings.com awe's me). No pattycake spankings here. Pixie did this one scene (jeans dress of course), I am seriously wondering how long it took her to be able to sit down comfortably. Holly takes the board like a trooper, and my favorite liberal use of the hair brush! It looks to me David went a little too heavy on the hairbrush with Sara, Looking at the cut scene It looks like she had to stop it hurt so much!

I am really looking forward to the future of this site. Pixie who doubles as the webmaster is a talent and sweet even to an joker like me. David who was nice, kind and most importantly patient with Mr newbie here deserves the inevitable success I hope this quality site brings.

Who will NOT like this site: A non-spanko, I think I would be hard pressed to find a spanko out there who wouldn't.

Who will Like this site: Anybody who loves hard spankings of beautiful girls.

Review is published by consent of Brushstrokes of http://spankingspot.blogspot.com.

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