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Punished for Poaching

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/16/09

CalStar's "Brian," shaggy hair and bald pate, plays a private game warden who catches two girls fishing without a license. CalStar combines outdoor scenes with interiors in this full length feature. It seems Brian caught the girls here in their boat on the lake last week and they received mild spankings, "but this time, we'll have to go a little bit further."

It is windy and chilly here on the lake, and everyone is bundled up and acting cold, but it doesn't delay Brian taking Olga, a convincing brunette farmgirl, OTK on haybales and getting her skirt up and white panties down quickly in the wind and bright sunlight. The recording sound in poor outside, but the spanking smacks are distinct, and the camera keeps Olga's bottom centered. A little white dog which seems part of the crew runs around in the middle distance, a humorous distraction in case the center-stage bottom bores.

Blonde pigtailed Maria is next for punishment and is marched to a nearby fence stile, where she unhesitatingly climbs up and bends over provocatively, as if this were a daily occurrence and she sought to achieve higher goals. Brian shares our fasicination with her bottom high in the breeze and tosses up her skimpy skirt and pulls her pants down. "I am going to tenderize you before I use a leather strap." He checks between her legs and seems satisfied progress is being made.

He directs the girls to accompany him through authentic muddy corrals (the dog racing along) into a spacious farmhouse. "I think you are ready for a proper beating." In a stage-lit room, on a museum-quality harvest table, is arrayed a virtual arsenal of spanking implements. The sound and lighting are much better here. Maria goes OTK first, for a slow effective handspanking. We are given one of those lovely over-the-shoulder camera angles down on the bare bottom as the smacks fall.

Maria is released, told to remove the rest of her clothes and stand by to watch Olga's turn. Olga goes OTK, and Brian does one of his ceremonial panty removals. Perfect rear camera angles. Only a private game warden would risk putting fingers where Brian puts them. After her handspanking, Olga is released and told to strip naked also. Maria has actually retained naughty garters and stockings, but no bra or panties.

Both girls bend over the table for the traditional side-by-side bare spanking, with a stiff spatula-shaped paddle. Brian's hands are delightfully inappropriate; the paddle intensifies the festivities. Another bigger paddle, and now time for the main event.

Maria is caned over the table; Brian uses one cane, then another, both stiff, thick, wicked, and less whippy than usual. Olga stands naked facing us and begins masturbating as the caning proceeds. Maria takes about 40 strokes, in two's and three's, repeats are not discernible. Olga continues to massage herself and has become quite excited. Brian has her come around and sit on the table, in the same camera shot, naked, legs spread wide. She continues playing with herself. Maria's caning is impressive; Brian doens't hold back, as she perseveres and encourages him. He checks between her legs. "It turns you on as well." At this point, both girls appear to check for signs that Brian might be excited too and there is dialogue we couldn't hear. For good measure, Olga fondles Maria's breasts, which amuses Brian and surely fuels some fires.

The punishment is over. Olga isn't caned, but she certainly fulfilled her contract for this performance. The girls casually dress and are asked to "discreetly slip out the back of the house." We D.H. Lawrence fans know game wardens enjoy getting their way.

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