Punished Parts

time: 24 minutes
Review by MARS posted 7/9/10

Perhaps the simplist possible format--an actress stands in the corner beside a staircase and is tormented by a male spanker, whose prurient interests are more than spanking. The filming is Internet-style, head-on with just a minimum of lateral camera movement, with one camera. The lighting reflects harshly, the sound is inconsistent, and some of the equipment creeps into shots. Not an admirable production, except that this actress has a rough 24 minutes.

A tall British brunette schoolgirl stands on a chair, lifts her uniform skirt, show white panties and a fading bruised bottom. She removes the pants and hands them over. Our spanker drapes them over the newel post of the adjacent stair bannister, to remain within the camera shot. Cute trophy.

She has been masturbating and will be spanked. She must spead her buttocks for a full view of her anus and vagina. Back on the floor, lean over and hands on chair, legs about 2 feet wide, a handspanking begins. This is about humilation. Long hold on her jewels.

The spanker teases her bottom, thighs, and between with a small, hard, thick leather paddle, almost a blackjack for spanking. She is directed to take off her clothes. "Nervous?" "...yes..." Over the chair again, in just innocent white knee socks. "Would you like me to cane your anus?" "No, sir." He nips away here and there with the paddle. She is pinkish red on both cheeks. He picks up the pace with the paddle, on her bottom and thighs.

Back up on the chair, hands-on-head, naked, he torments her with the cane and handspanks her frontally, to little yelps.

Onto the floor again, head low to rest on the chair seat, legs as wide as she can comfortably, the caning begins. About 20 strokes--she hardly moves at all and remains mostly quiet, but the stripes materialize. The spanker teases her in inner places with the cane tip.

She stands straight for a few final cane strokes and then is cornered to squeeze the cane between her buttocks. The spanker oils her bottom and lets her rub herself--she has long sexy fingers. Then we watch her go upstairs naked--she walks just a bit too fast and the camera is not perfectly postioned to catch this dramatic conclusion to any spanking.

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