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Punished Wife

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/29/08

An oldie, and more about naked female humiliation than spanking. Two well-traveled CalStar actors play husband and wife. Angela has been caught by her husband making a "girly film" of herself, with camera crew right there in their house. Michael is going to get "permanent retribution" by inviting his own camera crew to film her, but being punished. She seems not to be stranger to being spanked in this house.

First, she strips and take a bath for our camera, washing off the tarty makeup from the preparations for yesterday's house video, and positioning herself in the tub so we get our money's worth. This is not your smashing schoolgirl figure, but it is realistic. Michael whacks her bottom with a bath brush before she scrambles off in a towel to the bedroom. One thing we do have here--scene changes. She is slow in dressing and gets a few spanks for that.

Downstairs in the lounge, Michael looks under Angela's dress she just put on and makes her remove her bra and "roll-on's" (knickers). She puts on silk undies while he narrates to the his camera crew his plans: then he starts spanking her with a large plastic ruler, loud and colorful. You'd have to say this actress is lucky she didn't come along to the making of CP videos 20 years later. Would have been a lot more painful. A lot of undressing, bending over, etc. involved in the humiliation aspect of making this video. The neighbors will love watching Michael's production.

Into the kitchen, where a mess has been left. She loses her knickers and is spanked with a spatula. Back to the lounge for the "finale": some mild PT, bare-bottom touching toes, always illustrative. Angela, naked now, lies on her back on a table, very sexy. She tweaks her own nipples, which get very erect, a specialty she can offer, highlighted at several opportunities. Redheaded bush country also. Onto her stomach, to get her bottom and thighs to match.

Over on her back again for a rolled belt to her front thighs. Short sharp little slaps--she is familiar with this belt and doesn't like it. Michael tweaks those nipples again, something she does appear to like.

He positions a chair and she goes OTK quickly and willingly, to get "eight of the best," but the scene ends abruptly and we don't see any more. We suspect a hand-in-hand return to the bedroom (with the camera?) might have been cut here.

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