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Punishtment Duties

Year: 2004
50 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/24/10

A repetitive and pedestrian effort, although we get an initial laugh from the updated company logo credit which reads "CALIFONIA STAR." An older woman corrals two young ladies, nipping some wine they filched, who have failed to complete their chore of cleaning the outdoor pool. The girls are marched from the pool cabana (where CalStar has bared a few bottoms) to the main house.

We find ourselves in a draped sitting room, also the scene of many tears in CalStar archives. The girls argue about the chores, it was too cold to work outside, etc. The mistress intones: "You want to be warmed up?" The girls know what this means. "Please, no corporal punishment."

A blond double pony-tailed faux insouciant schoolgirl is taken OTK first. White blouse, black skirt. When her skirt is rucked up, she shows full white tightly fitted panties. As the mistress spanks, she pulls the pants down then up then down--we don't know why, but she finally tugs them to the girl's knees. Nice full bottom (the actress should have a photo of it in her portfolio). The mistress tries to appear perturbed. "I'm not doing this for fun, you know." Bottom full-screen, very nice.

The blonde must stand and remove her skirt. The mistress detects the blonde missed her PE class that day, so now would be a good time for some semi-nude PT. Some toe-touches (with her back to us, the only way to do them of course), because "humiliation is the key." The blonde had pulled her panties back up, but the mistress obligingly yanks them back down.

The second girl, brunette Angelina, waiting her turn, inadvisedly objects to this treatment. "Unless you speak only when you are spoken to, you are going to do this totally in the nude." The mistress shifts to a leather paddle then a bigger floppy variety while the blonde is bent over.

She directs Angelina to carry over a leather-covered spanking trestle which just happens to be handy. We presume in the houses we visit that the spanking trestle has been put away for the evening. Bend-over for the blonde, and the paddling is much more effective, because the blond bottom is not as evasive. Good full-screen views. The strokes are harder and the girl jumps. "This is wiping that smile off your face, is it?" "Yes, Miss."

More paddling. "Are you laughing?" "No, I'm crying." The blonde is told to take off the rest of her clothes. "I want you stripped off for the good old cane." Her bra stays on. Back over the trestle, 20 good cane strokes, multiple angles, bottom full screen for some, panties sweetly puddled at her shoes.

it is Angelina's turn to go through this procedure. "You'll be getting a nice warmup." jacket off, OTK, skirt up, dark blue panties down ("Oh, please, Miss.") Her bigger bottom jiggles. Angelina stands, skirt off; her PT will be star-jumps--she must remove the panties at her thighs which inhibit the jumps. Facing us, her blouse flaps up, providing teasing frontal glimpses.

Over the trestle, three paddles are used. "Your bottom is nice and warmed up for the cane." About 30 strokes are shown, faster and harder than the blonde got. The scene of her naked bent over the trestle, waiting submissively, grabbing the rungs, is memorable. At the conclusion, she is sent to Mitchell at the dispensary "for a little something for your bottom." Mitchell must have surprise visits.

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