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Punishment of Penny

Starring: Penny Thompson
Mandy Jones as Jenn Jones
Miss Lancer
Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Review by Kat

The film starts with two girls, Jenn and Penny Thompson running in their P.E. kits down the country road. Penny, the thief, finally corners Mandy and steals some money from her pocket while pinning her against the wall.

Upon returning from their exercise, the two girls start to play in the shower, splashing water on each other, while still dressed in their kits. Miss Lancer discovers them splashing the water at each other. The girls are in dire need for some discipline. Imagine "playing silly games...lark about in the shower" when there is work to be done. What is the world coming to? Even their underwear is wet. These two have been in trouble before. Only this time they have gone a bit too far. Miss Lancer needs to deal with them properly. She returns with a slipper while the two girls are standing at attention, hands on their heads and facing the wall.

She starts to ask "Who is going to volunteer for first position? I know that you are first on the netball team. What about first on my knee?" After a bit of discussion, Penny places herself over Miss Lancer's knee. When she pulls up the short pleated skirt, she finds the knickers are not up to standard. This earns another dressing down. Shortly, she starts to swat Penny's knicker covered bottom with her left hand. Miss Lancer is a lady who slaps hard, and initially slowly. She believes in firm strokes. After a few strokes, she does a pretty good job of finishing the spanking. When Penny finally gets up, she must wipe a tear from her eye as a result. (The entire time, Penny was rather silent.)

Jenn is next. She drapes herself over Miss Lancer's right knee and receives the same fast, hard treatment from her right hand. When she is let up, all that she can do is rub both cheeks with both hands.

After Miss Lancer leaves, the two ladies change back into their uniforms which were hanging on the wall. The slipper remained where it was hung, next to the uniforms. While they are changing, Miss Lancer returns and after addressing their uniforms she tells them that rather than have tea and supper, the two can scrub the shower.

When the two are fully dressed in their uniforms, Miss Lancer decides that they both need additional punishment due to the state of their uniforms. It is to be more spanking over her knee. It is to be more sport as she quickly rubs her hands. Jenn resumes her previous position over Miss Lancer's knees. When she pulls up Jenn's blazer, she finds the blouse has not been properly addressed. It was to be tucked into the knickers. After Miss Lancer lets her up to fix her uniform, Jenn resumes her position. She is given a quick volley of about thirty smacks and is let up to rub her bottom.

Penny is next. Like before, she resumes her position over Miss Lancer's right knee. Miss Lancer won't have any of these little tricks. She tells her to go over her left knee. She will feel the sting of Miss Lancer's right hand this time. Penny is treated to another volley of about thirty six swats before she, too, is let up.

She sends Jenn for a couple of hardcover books. Handing them to Penny, she tells her to hold one in each outstretched hand and wait for her return. She takes Jenn off to have a word with her. Penny can't seem to keep the books up. She drops them a couple of times before giving up and sitting down, books by her lap.

When Miss Lancer returns, she admonishes Thompson for not standing and holding the books. Penny must again hold the books while Miss Lancer starts to adjust the uniform. As she is going through the procedure, she discovers a five pound note in Penny's pocket. This is the same note that she stole from Jenn. She is not only guilty of messing about, wasting school time, dirtying school equipment, but of deception as well. The students are allowed only 25 pence per week. She should not have this much money. Her reason was that she was going to buy books. It is time to make amends. Perhaps it is time to clean to the toilets? Penny gives her a startled look. Perhaps it is a caning as Miss Lancer finally removes the slipper from the wall. (The slipper is not used in this video.)

Penny is to be caned. Miss Lancer decides that they will start with a spanking. Penny removes her blazer. Miss Lancer is going to sort things out. She sits down and Penny drapes herself over Miss Lancer's knee one more time. Miss Lancer starts to spank Penny with her hand. She is very fast and hits very hard with no warm-up over Penny's knickers. In no time, Penny's eyes are beginning to water. Penny still does not make a sound. She manages to keep both hands on the floor. In about a minute, Miss Lancer stops and says that she needs to get her cane and return at 4 o'clock. Penny is to clean the shower and retrieve a table, and be positioned over it.

It is now 4 o'clock. Miss Lancer has returned with her two canes. She gives Penny her choice of canes. Miss Lancer has Penny hang up the other and lie over the top of the table. Miss Lancer pulls up the skirt, letting it drape over Penny's back. She has not decided how many strokes Penny is to receive. She will get a few "to start with" and if she is good, then perhaps that "is it".

Miss Lancer lines up the cane on Penny's knickers. She starts to lay down the first strokes. The strokes are very hard. Penny starts to jump on the second. She starts to cry at the fourth one. By the end of the first six, you can see a weal appearing beneath the blue school nickered bum.

Penny gets up, tears running down her cheeks. Miss Lancer complements her on being such as good girl and that she won't bother with the four dozen that she had originally planned to give her. Still, she tells Penny "we will have you over again". Penny again, resumes her position over the table. Again, she gets and additional six laid on with a will. Penny cries almost from the first one, but still manages to hold her position. At the end, there are now two distinct weal marks on her bottom showing out of the knickers.

Miss Lancer offers her a chance to go to the bathroom for a break. The girl is still lying over the top of the table, crying. Her voice is hesitant when she declines. Miss Lancer gives her an additional six strokes. Penny's reaction is the same, tears but she manages to hold her position, aside from raising her bottom an inch or two after each stroke.

Miss Lancer says that it is now to be only two dozen. Six more to go and they will be finished. For the last six, Miss Lancer peels down the knickers. The last six are to be on the bare. Now we see Penny's striped bottom. There are quite severe red welts on her cheeks.

Miss Lancer starts to give her the last six. By now, Penny's crying is very vocal. She still manages to hang on to the table and not move. At the end she is allowed up to give her bottom "a good rub". Penny returns her knickers, straightens her uniform. Miss Lancer leaves her to her tasks as the film ends.

This is the first time that I have seen a video from this studio. Living in the U.S., it was hard to obtain these videos. This video is about as classical of a British "school girl" as I have seen. The punishments are harsh, but not severe. They are harder than the punishments meted out in an "American version of a British school girl" video.

If I have a complaint about the video, it is that the sound quality is not up to the "standard" of some of the more modern videos. The sound is captured from a boom microphone on the video camera. As such, it is somewhat hard to hear and follow; especially to my American ears. Miss Lancer speaks with a clear and distinct voice. The voices of the two girls, however, were too soft to properly discern their responses in complete detail.

As a video reflecting the reality of the British school system some years back, this is an excellent example. It is worthy of anyone's collection

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