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Punishment Past Due

Written and Directed by: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Starring: Alex Dominquez as The Landlord
Ava Barton as Anna
Angel Black as Belinda
Reviewed by: David Pierson

This has been quite a summer for Shadow Lane Productions. In the past two months the creative team of Eve Howard and Tony Elka have released three excellent video productions. The first of these was " The Rivals". In that terrific production we were introduced to the talents Ava Barton and The Mighty Mina. Next, we were treated to the very hot production of " Bedroom Discipline" featuring the lovely Marnie Reeves. Now we have another superb effort in " Punishment Past Due." What makes a Shadow Lane video special is the writing and exceptional attention to detail. All of the general themes of the aforementioned videos have been done before. However, there is always a little twist in the story line that makes each video a unique creation. In " The Rivals" Ava Barton and Mina played the roles of young ladies attending a private school who end up receiving spankings because of complications arising from the acrimonious nature of their relationship. This concept has been done to death. What made this video so special is the casting. Ava Barton is attractive in the traditional feminine way, while Mina is clearly familiar with the bench press. (In other words, she's a bodybuilder) Ava's character was clearly to the manor born, while Mina was of working class origins. It explained the characters conflict in a subtle but effective manner.

" Bedroom Discipline was a variation on the theme of the note being sent home from the teacher. However, this was not a schoolgirl gets spanked video. In this very erotic production, Marnie Reeves plays the role of a professional submissive who gets in trouble at the dungeon at which she plies her craft. She is sent home from the dungeon with a letter from her Mistress indicating that Marnie was in need of correction at the hands of her master and lover. This video is intensely hot. You may need to store this cassette or DVD in a cool place and keep a fire extinguisher handy. (Well you should keep something handy)

With " Punishment Past Due" the little production house from Studio City keeps its run of summer hits (and audience) coming. Once again our friends at Shadow Lane have given new life to a well-worn plot line. That being the spanking of young women who can not pay their rent by their righteously aggrieved landlord.
As the story opens we are introduced to Anna (played by the lovely Ava Barton) and Belinda (as portrayed by the attractive newcomer Angel Black) Anna and Belinda are aspiring actresses and they are currently featured in recurring roles at the International House of Pancakes as waitresses. Anna and Ava are looking at an apartment that they can not afford. Anna and Belinda are discussing the pros and cons of acquiring this expensive flat. Anna worries that they will not be able to pay the rent and she doesn't want to take advantage of Alex the landlord. (The role of the landlord is played by Alex Dominquez who is a key member of the Shadow Lane production team.) Belinda on the other hand feels quite differently. She argues that soon she and Anna will be famous actresses or, at least, dancers at a local strip club. She feels that it is acceptable to take advantage of Alex noting " He's the landed gentry and we're just poor peasants." What the girls don't realize is that the landlord has the capability of listening in on the their conversation through a hidden video surveillance system (a nanny cam) that had been installed by the previous tenant. This aspect of this video is what makes this production different from every other landlord spanks tenant production that I've ever seen. Essentially, the landlord scammed the scammers. When he rents the apartment to the two aspiring thespians (that's thespians!) the landlord is fully cognizant of the fact that they are unlikely to be able to pay their rent. Although not much is made of this in the video, it is clear that our voyeuristic landlord is getting his money's worth.

About one month later the lascivious landlord is in the girl's apartment feigning anger and disappointment. He informed the naughty future starlets (or strippers) that their rent check had bounced. When it became clear that the stars of IHOP were incapable on producing the rent the Landlord pronounces that both Anna and Belinda are in need of a good spanking. At first the girls protest their sentence. However, once Alex threatened to call the police, both Anna and Belinda agreed to accept their punishment.

Anna is the first to receive her punishment. Alex pulls Anna over his lap and initiates the spanking over her tight brown skirt. Soon, Alex lifts the skirt and continues this chastisement over Anna's sexy lace panties. After a minute or two Anna groans in horror and embarrassment as her panties are lowered and her beautiful bottom is exposed. Belinda, who has been sitting quietly in the room observing, plaintively cries, " You mean I'm going to get a bare bottom spanking!?" Anna tells Belinda to " shut up" so that Alex could get on with her spanking. As Anna begins to feel the fire in her hindquarters she starts to plead with Alex to have mercy. She noted that she tried to tell Belinda that they couldn't afford the apartment. The girls exchange accusations. Eventually Belinda is asked to leave the room. Alex noted that he was aware that Belinda was the wild child of the pair, but he felt that Anna must pay the price for her mistakes. Now, it must be said that Alex planned this little adventure in tenant discipline. With the use of the surveillance system Alex had been aware from the start that these young women would be unable to pay their rent and thus be at his mercy. Anna cried out as her bottom reddened under the untender mercies of Alex's hand.

Shortly, It was Belinda's turn over her landlord's lap. Before her spanking began, Belinda asked if Alex was going to spank her as hard as he did Anna. He noted that she was an instigator and that it was his intention to punish her more severely. This he did. He pulled her across his lap and began to spank Belinda hard and fast over her short skirt. Soon Belinda found herself receiving an intense bare bottom spanking. All Belinda could do was kick and scream as her naked bottom was reddened under Alex's sizeable hands.
After concluding Belinda's punishment he noted that there was one thing left that the girls needed to do for him. He made the future stars of stage, screen and lap dance lounge change into their finest lingerie. Anna was now dressed in a lacey red camisole and matching panties and Belinda was sporting white silk panties with matching bra. Alex noted that if our heroines could take a good strapping he would give them another months grace on the rent. Soon the girls found themselves bent over a divan. Alex started this phase of the punishment with several hard smacks with his hand across the girl's bottoms. First Anna and then Belinda. Soon he started to warm the bottoms of his victims with his belt. Soon the swish of the belt was followed by cries of pain. Eventually, the sexy panties were lowered and Alex applied a verity of implements to the already well- marked bottoms of Belinda and Anna. After completing the punishment of our two beauties, Alex suggested that Anna and Belinda find a couple of additional roommates. More girls to look at through his hidden camera?

This video is thoroughly enjoyable. As with all Shadow Lane Productions great care was taken to make this video pleasing from a visual perspective. Mr. Elka's editing was simply masterful. Once again, Ms. Howard has proven herself to be among the best and most creative writers of erotica working today. The casting of this production couldn't have been better. Ava Barton is becoming a star of the medium. She exudes a detached but intense sexuality. Ms. Black was superb in her debut performance and Mr. Dominquez acquitted himself well in the role of the lascivious landlord. Most importantly, " Punishment Past Due" is an erotic expierence not to be missed.

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