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Punishment Platoon

52 Minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/15/08

Another military setting; two giddy girls struggle with an equipment box on a stony beach. Their sergeant, a CalStar cast member who we can rely on, is displeased. Inside the barracks, called the "Territorial Army Center," in the obligatory cold stone walls shot, the two girls grouse about their tough training and tell the sergeant they want out of the Army.

Now this doesn't sit well. The sergeant explains the rigorous life: "Saddam Hussein may decide to invade, who knows?" Sergeant is going to show these girls some rigor of his own. There seems to be no question that right-to-spank falls within his authority.

Private Blair, a pretty reddish brunette, is going to go first, but both girls must take off unauthorized jewelry first. She hands over her garrison belt and drops her camouflage pants, goes OTK to be spanked by the sergeant on her dark panties. She is nice to watch; the camera catches facials and the seat of action. When sergeant pulls her pants down, the camera stays on duty. Then she is cornered, pants down and tunic pulled up, so we have an unobstructed view.

Prescott is next, a tall long-haired brunette. She has been watching and knows the drill--hands over the web belt, drops trou, goes OTK. Sarge makes her stand to pull her own panties down--he knows how to control his troops. Blair has covertly pulled her own pants back up, but no, caught. Prescott's spanking continues--pretty face to watch. Both girls are then cornered, bare bottom, but they continue to snicker. Sarge: "I admire your fortitude. I hope it lasts throughout the afternoon."

Blair and Prescott take turns over the desk for the tawse, mild but sexy. Sarge shows them the riding crop and reminds them, a reference to his cavalry days: "I am the jockey club around here." Both girls get a dozen or so.

Matters have escalated, as happens. To Blair: "Remove that tunic. You're to be caned." She unbuttons the tunic and pulls off an undershirt and stands only in a bra. She must count through 12 effective strokes. Cute contrite face and perfect bottom.

Prescott strips but refuses to take off her T-shirt. She will take 16 rather than 12 and in order to keep it on. She gets them, and hard ones. She is rubbing and grabbing at 12. Both girls get a few extras when they say they are not hurt. Both were brave and a credit to the uniforms piled on the floor. As usual, two bare bottoms presented to us to contemplate at the close.

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