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Punishment PT

Length:40 min

British schoolgirl stuff; no new horizons here; the usual nice bottoms and progressions to nudity.

Two girls, a blonde (Johnson) and a brunette (Faucett), are in unifrom--grey skirts, white blouses, white knee sox, ties--cute, because you figure all this is coming off.

The girls are to be punished by a PT instructor; they start with silly spastic calisthenics; they raise their skirts for a mild spanking on blue panties. Johnson is first for OTK; her panties come down; lots, too much of "..oh sir..." Good closeups of a nice body. Several cameras. Johnson is stood against a wall with panties half-mast while Faucett gets the same treatment. In a new room, the instructor brandishes a cane and bends the girls over a padded table for mild strokes on blue panties. Both girls drop pants for 4 strokes on the bare. Shifitng gears, Johnson is told to completely strip. When she asks "Why?" only on a British video would the answer be, " Humiliation is the keynote." Totally naked, the now delectable Johnson pedals away on an exercise bike, while her protruding bottom, overflowing a very small seat, is smacked by the instructor---a good fantasy for your next gym visit. Faucett also strips for the bike. Both nudes kneel on the table for some ineffectual handspanking.

My favorite scene--both girls nude, stretched and spread in the "X" position against the wall, grasping a high ledge. They are given a "short sharp reminder," silly strokes with the cane. We do get some frontal looks, heavy unshaven foliage. The tape ends with the girls checking each other's bottoms in a bubble bath. In sum, nice naked ladies, but ineffective punishment.

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