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Guest Review by Ronald Scott Posted on 7/24/09

I recently came upon a spanking/caning/whipping in movies site ( www.punishmovies.com ) and found it has EXCELLENT content. This site is from www.pain4fem.com and www.spankingserver.com, an Eastern European (Slovakia) company that has released some of the better spanking DVDs and online spanking (and whipping) content for the last three years. Recently they have invented a spanking and whipping machine and released films featuring that device.

Collections of corporal punishment scenes from minor (and occasionally major) motion pictures have been around for years. The things that makes this site standout is the high video quality (up to 720 x 576 pixels, 1000 Kbit/sec quality for the online collections when previously one had to put up with fuzzy bad color transfers whether online or on VHS tapes. This was disappointing as most motion pictures are in 35 mm quality and the low quality of the transfers was the problem in the past (with a few exceptions where good originals could not be obtained).

Also notable is the breadth of material including all the well known CP scenes featured in the past as well as some new material. For example there is an excellent Japanese movie series (The Attackers) included here as well as some scenes from Czech Director Lloyd Simandl's films (soft core porn with a CP emphasis).

CP Movie scenes collections are available both in online and DVD form.

The online offerings ( www.punishmovies.com/select4.html ) include 4 groups, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Editions. The First Edition is lower video quality clips (384 x 288 pixels and 225 Kbit/sec quality) at lower prices. The Second Edition is 4 Clip Sets of 60 clips each at 400 x 320 pixels, 700 Kbit/sec quality. The 3rd Edition is 4 clips sets at still higher 720 x 576 pixels, 1000 Kbit/sec quality. The first 3 editions feature the best older and well known clips and some newer material at ever higher video quality. The Fourth Edition at 720 x 576 pixels, 1000 Kbit/sec quality is 90% new material with some older material when a better original (for better final quality) could be found.

Prices for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions are 17.99 Euro per clip set (60 clips) and 69.99 Euro for all 4 clips sets in that Edition. Preview material for each clip set is a small photo for every clip and one abridged Preview clip so you can see the video quality before you buy.

The DVD offerings (www.ssl-disenomediahps.com/xtc/index.php?cat=c2_Cp-in-movies.html&page=1 OR click "DVD SHOP" at the top of the online offerings page) are also split roughly into groups with the lower numbered DVDs (1 - 10) having the lowest video quality and price and the highest ones the highest video quality. Clicking the red Details box in each single DVD offering and then the following html link shows small photos from every clip on the DVD as with the online offerings. However, as the site notes, many clips on the DVDs are of VHS tape quality. Other than DVDs 1 - 10, the prices are 24.99 per DVD. There are also multiple DVD sets offered at prices ranging from 149.99 Euro to 169.99 Euro for 7 - 10 DVDs.

If you have only watched original spanking and CP material and are not familiar with the short clips available from 40 years of motion pictures, I think you will be surprised at the quality and eroticism of some of the things here.

If you check this site out, I think you will like it.

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