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The Punishment of Rodney

Directed By: Eve Howard
Produced By: Tony Elka
Starring: Anna Valentine as Rhonda
Harley Rowe as Rodney
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I simply loved this video! This was a complete turn on for me. This is the story of Rhonda (Anna Valentina) who finds her boyfriend has been using their credit cards to visit Mistresses and BDSM Clubs. She is going to show him that she can provide him with any of those needs and that it is not necessary for him to go elsewhere to experience those "pleasures". She begins with a hairbrush on the seat of his underwear. Rodney has fair skin and by the time she pulls down his underpants his bottom is already very red. She then gives him a nice long hand spanking with his pants pulled down When Rhonda finds out that Rodney has been dressed up like a girl at the club, she decides that she should do the same to him, and he should worship her as well. When she is through beating his bare bottom, she does just that. He is forced to dress up like a woman in a ballet Tutu, wig, and all the right make-up (lipstick, etc.), as well as white frilly underwear, white stockings and red high-heeled shoes. Rhonda has changed into an all black outfit, put on a strand of pearls, and appropriate earrings, and really looks quite the part of a Mistress. She takes him over her knee and begins the punishment once again. Finally we get to see Rhonda at her most formidable. She strips down to pink underwear, and a black corset. She is quite the striking, pun intended, woman. She flogs him, crops him, and canes him until his ass is striped, and welted. She even makes him kiss the cane, and worship her feet. Now, let me explain why I loved this video. Anna Valentina is simply fantastic, and believable in the role. She is a dominant personality without being "over powering". I could tell that she was delivering the blows with feeling and precision, but I wanted it to be me in the role of Rodney. She delivers punishment like an expert, and is a really beautiful woman. I cannot remember seeing her in anything else, but I sure hope we all get to see her many times in the future. As anyone familiar with the S & M scene knows, cross dressing of Male subs is quite common, and I believe this is the first time I have seen Shadow Lane deal with the subject. They did it in a very tasteful, and erotic way, and I applaud them for that. The lushness of color, and textures of the video, from the production value standpoint, is incomparable. The story line is extremely well written, and believable, and the directing and producing is magnificent. This would be an enjoyable video to watch even if you thought you were not into the Female Dominant/Male Submissive type of video, because of the way it is presented. On the Spank-O-Meter this is a 9.5 out of 10

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