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The Puritan

Directed by Jack Hemingway
Starring: Keith Jones as Samuel Rogers/himself
Erica Scott as Elizabeth Hale/herself
Eslynne Weaver as Purity Rogers
Isobel Wren as Sara Ring
Hans Stromfield as Moses Ring
Raya Parker as Alice Church
Tasha Taylor and Charity Ring
Kate Sterling as The Receptionist
Simon Blackthorne as Pastor Ames
Running Time: approx 60 mins
Review by John O'Connell

Good 'Morrow readers,
While we all purchase spanking productions for their obvious fetish appeal, every so often one comes along that has such an interesting story that we actually want to watch it and not fast forward to "the good parts". For me, this was such a film.

The film starts off with Keith Jones arriving to his therapy appointment. After checking in with the receptionist, he waits a few moments before being called into the office. He speaks with Erica Scott for a few moments and hopes that she can help him with his obsession of spanking women's bare bottoms. Slightly taken back, Erica is not sure if she can or wishes to help Keith. But, she decides that perhaps with hypnosis, she can rid Keith of this "troubling fixation" as it may have something to do with a past life. After having his soothing tea and laying down on the couch, the screen blurs and we are brought back in time.

Plymouth, Massachusetts 1662. We find Purity Rogers sitting in the grass picking flowers as she is being called by her aunt. Only when her father summons her, does she run to their voices. Her relaxing in the woods could cause them to be late for church services and when asked about why she wasn't ready, she tries to lie her way out of the situation. This does not please her father. Although I am not an expert on colonial attire and language, I have to say the producers went out of their way to use verbiage of the time and appropriate costumes that appear fitting for the time. This added to the realism of the story, thus keeping me for fast forwarding to the spanking parts. Despite her pleas of being to old for a spanking, Purity is bent over a stump by Samuel where her skirt is lifted and she is given a bare bottom spanking. The spanking was short and to the point, with hopes that the taste of discipline would keep Purity out of trouble.

The Rogers family is off to church where they meet up with Sara Ring and her family. Sara's father had died and her brother is in charge of the family. He also has an interest in marrying Purity. Sara and Purity duck behind the church to have a private discussion about Purity's punishment. She shows Sara her bottom, which Sara says she's gotten worse and to be happy that's all she got. None the less, Purity doesn't want to endure sitting on the hard bench in church for hours and Sara suggests they skip out on the service when no one is looking. Unbeknownst to them, Elizabeth Hale saw the girls sneak behind the church and followed them to investigate. She overheard their entire plan. We then are taken inside the church to where the service is in progress. First Sara sneaks out, then Purity later. I was a little lost on the history of what their excuse is, but evidently there is some place they could have gone that would have explained their absence. When the service is over, Sara's mother and Purity's aunt are approached by Elizabeth. In a rather nasty fashion, she informs them of the girl's disobedience. Apparently Elizabeth is mean spirited and took great pleasure in informing the women of their family's disgrace from this action. Purity's aunt cries, saddened that her family has been disgraced in such a manor. The girls return where Samuel and Moses (Sara's brother) question them. Unable to provide what the sermon was about that day, it was evident that what Elizabeth said was true.

The next scene shows Moses and Sara in some type of barn or stable. He pulls Sara over his knee and raises her skirt. While spanking her bare bottom, he scolds of how this is action that will get them all sent to the hell. At this point, something from the Wizard of Oz comes to mind. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Or, in this case, in the corner. A little editing oopsie as one of the camera men are visible in a certain angle. No big deal, I just thought it was kind of comical. Anyway, Moses tells Sara that she will never find a good man acting the way she does. Why girls being spanking feel the need to piss off their spankers any more than they already are remains to be seen. No good could possibly come of it. Sara says that there are no good men because they are all like him. Needless to say, the spanking gets a bit harder at this point. She is made to stand against the wall for the remainder of her spanking. Once finished, she is told to face the wall in the corner and wait for his return.

Over to Samuel's house where we find Purity sitting on her bed. Samuel arrives and sits down next to her. He is none too pleased that she has brought such disrespect upon his family and that her earlier punishment was obviously not enough. Over the lap she goes where she is spanked first over the skirt and then on the bare. He spanks her bottom until it is a nice shade of crimson. But, he's not done yet. Over the bed she goes where he deals out a healthy dose of the strap. Feeling as though his point has been made, Purity is made to sit on the bed and think about her actions.

Samuel is upset that Elizabeth would speak to his sister in such a demeaning way. He pays Elizabeth a visit and explains that it was not very nice of her to make his sister cry with her hateful words. He believes that she is a trouble maker, as if she knew about the girls plan to skip out on the service, she should have told someone before hand and not after the fact. He warns that she'll be brought up before the church elders if she continues her nasty ways. She yells for him to get out of the house, where he then holds the strap to the chin and threatens to take the strap to her bottom if she upsets his family again.

Needless to say, Samuel is not the only one that is a bit upset with Elizabeth. Purity and Sara and unhappy that their bottoms where beaten because of her snitching. So, Sara decides that they should put powder on the steps of her home so that she would fall and land on her bum, causing her discomfort. Purity does not feel this is such a good idea and refuses to participate. She does tag along and watches from the woods as Sara brushes powder onto the steps. Running away just as Elizabeth nears, they watch as Elizabeth slips on the stairs, falls on her behind, and has the bucket she was carrying land on her head. The girls run away to a field, where Purity is not happy with this stunt, feeling that Elizabeth could have gotten seriously hurt. They both however, can not help but laugh at the bucket landing upon her head. Sara devices a lie that will cover for them. They will gather sticks and bring them back to the home, which will be their alibi of what they have been doing all morning.

The girls return to the home to find Samuel outside. They inform him they have been gathering timber all morning. Moses then arrives and questions them, informing Samuel of Elizabeth accident. He smells Sara's hands, which carry the sent of the powder. Purity admits to what happened, and although she did not participate, she did nothing to stop it or warn Elizabeth so she is just as guilty. Since Moses is to marry Purity, the men decide to swap girls. Moses will punish Purity and Samuel will punish Sara. The girls are bent over where they receive yet another bare bottom spanking. Before long, their freshly picked timber is being utilized as switches, which place some lines right across their bottoms. When the punishment is over, they are made to stand against the house with their skirts raised so that passerbys my see that they have been properly punished. Later, Samuel and his sister bring Purity to Elizabeth's house to apologize. She claims to have an ankle injury due to the fall and is unable to walk. Samuel has a feeling she may be feigning this injury and later catches her when she goes outside. He is about to take her inside the house when Keith wakes up. He begins to question Erica and believes that she is the decedent of Elizabeth. She says he doesn't have to pay for his session or come back, the video ends with Keith saying he most certainly will be back fading to a black screen with the words "To Be Continued...".

I have to say I really enjoyed this production. I like spanking films that complete the entertainment package. To me, a good story to compliment the punishment along with appropriate wardrobe is just as important as the punishment itself in order to complete the experience. I believe Spanking Epics has done that with The Puritan. The costumes are fabulous, and the period language is very convincing. I must compliment the makers of this film for their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile with the script and props. Bravo Spanking Epics, Bravo!

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