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Railroad Office Spankings

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/16/08

Sophie, a smashing blonde, whose appearance in this genre of film can only mean one thing, makes you sit forward in anticipation. She complains to her boss Mrs. Baxter that she is underpaid, that her friends working at a neighboring strip club make much more. Mrs. Baxter points out that Sophie is not doing her job very well and for similar poor performance at the club, those girls run the risk of being spanked on the job. Baxter seems delighted to report that the dancers often can't sit down in cabs after they've earned a session. Sophie is being maneuvered into a tough spot--she soon agrees to accept a spanking AND to improve her work, in return for a raise. "Meet me upstairs in my office in 15 minutes."

Upstairs now, we get right to it. Sophie kneels up on a chair and pulls up her cute sundress to expose white panties. Mrs. Baxter handspanks her in this kneeling position then repositions her OTK. Her panties are then lowered after a cute little tussle. over the desk for some paddle, Baxter is fascinated with this blonde morsel and her delectable bottom. Every office needs a few of these! A stiff leather spanker elicits louder cries. More paddling. Sophie is sweetly reddened at this point.

Downstairs, Tracy, yet another comely blonde employee, has gotten herself in trouble, and Mr. Collins is going to spank her. the sound of passing trains on the soundtrack must cover the occasional anguished cries of this beleagured workforce. Tracy goes over the desk, skirt up, wispy thong no help to her. Mrs. Baxter is attracted and joins the festivities, pulling up a chair close to Tracy's bottom. Baxter then volunteers to "finish her off." "Have to be quiet, my dear," Baxter warns as she paddles away and checks the camera to see if we're enjoying ourselves. Baxter and Collins trade off using a stiff spanker and Tracy has begun to howl. Then Tracy is ordered to take all her clothes off, just like they do at the strip club. Collins oogles her spectacular nudity while Baxter keeps it up with the paddle. When a tearful Tracy faces us, there isn't a hair to be seen.

Baxter retrieves the cane. To Tracy: "Ready" ? At least she's honest: "No." About 15 strokes are shown, with repeats. Nasty Collins traces the weals with his fingertips. Then Collins gives her 12 more. Tracy has crossed a threshold and is responding.

Back upstairs, we are happy to report we're not finished with Sophie. Baxter has a cane. Sophie's pants are at her ankles and she take 25 strokes. Excellent camera-front and back. And finally, a very entertaining moment--Sophie is make to strip completely and wrok nude in the office foer the rest of the day. She's terrific. Who needs the strip club? If you need those invoices verified, see Sophie upstairs.

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