Time: 47 minutes
Guest review by MARS posted 5/9/08

Confusing, often unintentionally humorous, disconnected stuff. But the girls are gorgeous, no, stunning, and they will be on full display. Embarrassing nude humiliation is as important as corporal punishment at Nettles. Three grungy unconvincing terrorist types decide to kidnap two nubile daughters of a visitng Kiev businessman. Edgy material this is, where the men handle the girls a bit more roughly than we are used to in this genre. Nettles taps the markets of and combines CP, bondage, and soft porn.

We are introduced to the two sisters, a lovely blonde and and equally attractive brunette, as they idle away their time by stripping each other's clothes off and practicing some lesbian drills. Attractive unbemished bodies and caressing soft porn camera work. We'd like to reaffirm an old adage: two naked girls are better than one. The kidnappers burst in on them while they're in the hot tub. They're forced to dress--more voyeur humiliation--handcuffed, and led off to a cellar hideaway.

Quickly, one of the guys takes off the girls' pants and panties and does faux cavity checks. They are made to strip the rest of the way; their father is contacted on a cell phone, ransom is demanded, and squeals are elicited from the blonde for authentification. There is a very impressive scene of the two girls, naked, manacled, kneeling uncomfortably erect. When the father doesn't produce, it's time for more stern measures. The blonde is threatened with a heavy leather belt; the brunette is hogtied, legs wide open, while one of the captors lubricates an impossibly large dildo.

A brief very sexy dildo workout follows. Closeup filming--the brunette is being a real trouper to accommodate this monster; her reflexive hip actions suggest she's OK with it. An added bonus is the insertion of a butt plug, to the hilt, as they like to say. In a scene cut, the brunette is now stretched nude over some hard cushions, held by hands and feet by her captors, ready for a caning. She takes 25 strokes, counted aloud, with sloppy cuts to facial shots, closeups of her bottom, but the lines look real and the strokes seemed firm. The bonde is made to watch, kneeling naked.

The pretty waiting blonde is next--she is slowly strung up, arms pulled tight overhead with a spreader-bar. she's given a full-body whipping with a soft flogger. Facial shots of tears. Next, it's her turn to be stretched over the hard wedge cushion for the cane. She take 30 strokes--the filming is so choppy it's impossible to verify, but pretty girl, sweet deserving bottom, good closeups--effective scene.

The father's ransom arrives; the girls are sprinkled with dollar bills and presumably released.

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