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Rattan College 3

Directed and Produced by " George"
Starring: Lucy Bailey
Alison Payne
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

Rattan College 3: Term End is a classic of the medium of spanking video erotica. In this video you will experience the kind of action that makes the British Spanking Film industry one of my favorites, and you have to count Moonglow as one of the premiere British spanking video companies.

This video features two stars of the spanking cinema; the legendary and lovely Lucy Bailey and the beautiful Alison Payne. The women featured in this production are young, pretty, and have some of the most spankable bottoms around. And on top of that, they can take a spanking that is very severe with many different implements. This production features two distinct stories.

Part One: Impertinence (Aka: Rhyme & Reason). Lucy Bailey is caught having made up a very naughty poem defaming her math professor. She is dressed in traditional English Schoolgirl attire; pleated skirt (which is removed very early on), a white dress shirt with red striped tie, knee-high socks, and her hair is in pigtails. For her offense the professor decides corporal punishment shall be the order of the day. She is made to remove her skirt and knickers, lie across a table, and receive 18 hard strokes of a leather strap. Then she has to serve a little corner time. Next she is bent over a desk and receives a good, hard caning. It should be noted that she is made to read each paragraph of her naughty little poem in between each three strokes of the cane. After many strokes bent over the desk, the professor has Lucy put two chairs back to back and lean over them. He then proceeds to give her 12 of the best in this position. Lucy has wonderful legs and an even better bottom. All the strokes are delivered to an unprotected and bare bottom. And when the professor is through, that beautiful bottom has many red stripes across it. The way Lucy wriggles and clenches her buttocks after each stroke of the cane is very erotic indeed. As a "bonus' we get to see the last 12 delivered in slow motion, and we get to see the results.

Part Two: End of Term. In this part the Headmaster summons three sixth formers, Caroline (Allison), Victoria (Karen), and Susan who have received particularly bad reports to his study. Miss Black has brought the girls to the Headmaster, and she outlines their reports. Caroline is the first and is particularly impertinent to the Headmaster and immediately finds herself over his knee receiving a very well deserved hand spanking on her bare bottom. She then receives a stern chastising and is bent over a desk and caned. Allison is one of the Moonglow "stock" performers, and is one of my favorites as well. She has a fantastic Scottish accent. We also get to see close-ups of her private parts, which I always find very erotic. Each one gets a good end of term beating, and is told to take their striped bottom off on vacation, to think how they can improve for next term. But the Headmaster is still not satisfied. So he canes Miss Black for aiding and abetting the girls, and is told that her performance is not very good either. Her bottom is soon striped as well, as the head doesn't spare the rattan on her bare bottom either.

I adore the use of venue and costumes that are used in this video. The video takes place in a traditional English Schoolroom that is authentic right down to the furniture and accouterments. They not only appear real, but they are real.

The video quality is very good. The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are excellent. The scenarios are true to life, and you can just see yourself as an on-looker having the pleasure of witnessing these punishments in person. I give this video a hearty recommendation. On the Spank-O-Meter I give this video an 8.5 out of 10.

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