Real Discipline Spanking

Guest Review by Southpaw posted 2/19/10

This video begins with an explanation. Shannon it seems, has difficulty staying on task. Procrastination is holding her back. We've heard it before; a valid and well used reason for spanking. The camera pans up and over his shoulder and we get our first look at Shannon. Smart, quiet, and nervous were my initial impressions. More likely to be a serious student than a bikini model, for sure. Her dark hair is up off her neck and her glasses are adorably old fashioned; no hipster frames here. She is wearing a modest skirt and blouse, and as we soon see, seriously practical high topped black shoes and socks. He approaches her.

"Are you ready?"

"Not really."

Obviously, she knows that she's in for it. The promo blurb mentions that she needed a real disciplinary spanking and that is precisely what she gets. What she doesn't get is corner time, verbal abuse of any kind, or a single implement across her (beautiful) bottom. However, if she took the time to do her homework, she knew that RSV spankings are ordeals. She is across his lap in short order and he doesn't waste one swat over her skirt, but hauls it up and gathers it in the small of her back. Her panties match her boots and are of a modest cut, not that it matters, because they are down in no time; probably the only thing that could pull my eyes away from her long, pale legs. He does NOT give her a gentle warm up, and she definitely notices.

"Yipes, Yeeowch, and Owie" are Shannon's go to words, with an an occasional "Geez". Even in this painful and embarrassing situation, she responds like a lady of fine breeding; like she knows she deserves a real spanking and is determined to bear her punishment with some dignity and poise. No easy task either, because he is young and strong, with big hands; hands that can spank both cheeks at once, like paddle swats.

"How long has it been since you were spanked?"

"I was eleven," she confesses.

The rest of the conversation is a completely one sided lecture that would have been unbearable in any other context. He is sure that she is the best and brightest girl who lacks motivation, and tells her this the entire time he is spanking her.

"Are you trying to make up for every spanking I've missed since I was eleven?"

It seems like a fair question since around the twenty minute mark he shows no sign of quitting. Shannon's bare bottom is the star of the show, but the close ups of her face (left profile) are terrific as well. The longer he spanks her, the more beautiful she looks. She cries but doesn't sob, and I wonder how much more she can take. We're thirty minutes into what is supposedly a forty-eight minute shoot when he stops and tells her they are NOT done, but he is going to give her a break, and stands her up. She is disheveled and looks stunned. He tells her to pull up her panties and sit down (?) while he reminds her why she getting spanked. The camera stays on her face while she listens. She is gorgeous.

"You can come back over my lap on your own, or I can come get you" He points out that it would show real progress if she came to him, but for all her courage, she can't. The nice touch here is that he doesn't negotiate. No promise to spank longer or harder if he has to come for her, and no reduction of sentence conversely. He takes her by the hand and leads her back to the chair, where she goes back over his lap without resistance. He bares her immediately and starts the last ten minutes like he had never stopped.

I was hoping he would spank the tops of her fabulous thighs, but no such luck. Of course that means bad news for those poor, punished cheeks. We never see him stop, but they finally cut away to her crying in his arms and admitting that she deserved just what she got. Be still my heart!

P.S. Shannon's picture is on the cover of Mother Spanks Daughter, where she is the roommate. She gets the hairbrush in this one. Also, she is spanked very soundly in Private School Spanking by a lady principal who REALLY makes the most of limited time and sends Shannon scurrying out her office.

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