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Really Mrs. Walker

44 minutes
Guest Review by: Collector - Posted 1/9/09

Really, it's "Mrs. Hope-Walker." A young, stern, always relentless CalStar regular plays a TV repairman who answers a service call for Mrs. Walker, a tall, attractive brunette with swept-up hair, in blouse, short white skirt, and platform heels. She is a pill--all over the repairman, "Don't touch this, don't touch that." The die is being cast---you start checking out her bottom packed in the white skirt. She sits to supervise, legs swinging cross-legged. "Just hurry up...I haven't got all day."

She steps out of the room briefly, so the repairman takes a smoke break. She returns and flips out, even accusing him of stealing. He has had enough and grabs her OTK, tight white skirt up to show skimpy bikini panties. She doesn't resist. CalStar cameras always zero in on the bottom. It is clear immediately she has been spanked before and likes it. Maybe she intended having more than just her TV fixed. The guy senses this and persuades her to admit that, yes, her husband does spank her; in fact, she gets whipped and caned, and that he can find the implements in a cupboard. He makes Mrs. W. bend over in front of him for one of those intimate bottom inspections he likes to do.

She is sent for the tools and bends over provocatively for those of us following her progress. The repairman in excited about how things are developing and suggests he may have to stop in more often. Mrs. W: "That depends upon how good you are at your job, doesn't it?" We are definitely not talking about the TV.

Mrs. Walker bends over the seat of a wing chair, legs locked straight, for a floppy paddle, a careful fondle; she smiles with pleasure. Long black tawse, more paddle, bottom reddening. "Getting hot?" "Yes." "Take off your top and skirt." She is a sweet sight in red bra and barely adequate panties.

Bend over for more strapping. She is encouraged to plead: "Please, whip me more, sir." Digging through the selectiion of implements, the TV guy selects a soft rope-end martinet, which is loud and sexy. "Get those legs further apart." Then a flogger, rapid fire, crackling zingers.

He lights another cigarette. She is so excited she invites him to go ahead and put the ashes on the floor, just keep going. He squeezes her breasts and decides to remove the bra. A dramatic sight, is Mrs. Walker.

There is a scene jump. Mrs. Walker is now naked, kneeling on all-fours, knees wide, pussy on display,and breasts hanging beautifully. After some spanking here, it's over the back of a divan chair. "I'm about to cane this lovely public school ass." About 20 snappy strokes, several camera angles, and a demand: "Cane me, sir," produces six more hard ones, in an ankle-grabbing posture. Mrs. Walker dances and gasps.

For the symbolism, naked Mrs. Walker must bend over the "TV I came to repair...ironic," for 7 more. They say good-bye, full frontal look at poor compromised Mrs. W. "Same time next week."

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