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Rebecca and the Schoolmistress

Year: 2002
14 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/27/10

Here is one of those short CalStar fillers, coupled with a longer film to complete the 60 minute package. In its simplicity, it constitutes an extremely erotic primer on no-nonsense spanking and caning.

Rebecca, a sweet young blond schoolgirl, fully outfitted in classic fetish schoolgirl attire, confronts her Headmistress, fully prepared in her cap and gown. The entire scene is filmed in the corner of one room. Rebecca will take a spanking to avoid being expelled.

OTK without delay, the Headmistress spanks hard with glancing blows. Rebecca's blue knickers come down quickly, and there can be no doubt why this young lady was hired. The Headmistress caresses as she spanks, running fingers along Rebecca's labia, more and more aroused. Closeups. The Headmistress frigs her a bit and spreads her cheeks, opens her legs, and can't resist a lascivious smile for the camera.

Rebecca stands anc strips, down to just white knee socks. Young breasts don't require a bra. Supremely erotic. Naked, hands-on-bench for the cane. 15 moderate strokes. Rebecca is a vision and the headmistress is having a wonderful day herself. Punishment concluded.

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