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Red Assed Lap Dancing 13: "Getting to the meat of the matter

Second review sent in by an annonymous reviewer.

I am writing to supplement the current review for RHV 13. The video has three spankings with three delightful victims - Brianna, Rhiannon, and Stephanie. While Brianna and Stephanie are o.k., this review focuses on Rhiannon, the second spankee. Simply put, the spanking of Rhiannon is by far the best spanking I have ever scene on any video, anywhere.

Rhiannon is a gorgeous blond who I gather was at one time a high profile model in the BDSM world, although she seems to have since gone into semi-retirement. Nonetheless, her spanking in this video is simply incredible. She is taken over Greg Edwards knee after showing her brattiness in a modeling session, the same as the other RedHot girls. However, almost as soon as her spanking begins, two things are obvious - (1) Greg is showing no mercy; the slaps are raining down on her unprotected ass (she is wearing a thong) like machine gun fire; (2) Rhiannon does not like being spanked, not even a little bit, and she is not going to get through this easily. She starts out telling him to stop and "let her go," but her pleas quickly become frantic. The camera alternates between shots of her rapidly reddening asscheeks, and her beautiful but increasingly distressed face. (The video also uses screen within a screen throughout, so you often see the action from two angles at once). Very early on Rhiannon is fighting back tears, which start to come a few minutes into the spanking; once they get started, they really start to flow, and you can see her mascara begin to run.

All this time, despite her pleas and alternating threats, Greg has not let up for an instant - I kept count, and she was taking almost 80 swats a minute! After a few minutes of this, Greg stops to lower her thong, and Rhiannon becomes frantic - its not because the thong was protecting her, because it wasn't. Instead, I think she realized that the lowering of the thong signalled that she still had a long way to go in her spanking, and she was already in tears and pleading like a little girl (albeit one with a dirty mouth). The spanking continues apace after her thong is lowered, and soon Rhiannon is crying like a baby. You hear this phrase used often referring to videos - "crying like a baby" - and it is nearly always a gross exaggeration. Here, however, it is not - as the spanking progresses, Rhiannon is simply beside herself - screaming at the top of her lungs, tears flowing freely, and hands twisting the bed covers for all she is worth, till her knuckles turn white. (Unlike her delightfully round bottom, which continues to get redder and redder and Greg's attentions). All the while, Greg barely lets up for an instant - most spankers in videos, even Greg, usually ease up a little when the girl starts to cry or really beg, but not here - there is no mercy for Rhiannon. By the end she is still screaming even though she is practically hoarse, and the tears are still flowing freely. Greg ends the spanking by dumping her off of his lap onto the floor.

This video is amazing, because Rhiannon is gorgeous in a classy way not often found in adult videos, and the spanking is one for the books. What is also great is that it is not like some severe foreign video where true damage is being done to the spankee - here, Rhiannon's ass is red, but its nothing she won't recover from over time. However, her reactions are far, far better than anything I've seen in even the most severe foreign video, and this is in part because her spanking was truly realistic in the sense of being a punishment type spanking - it did not stop when she wanted it to stop, and it did not stop simply because she was in tears and begging; it stopped (presumably) when Greg's arm got tired or he felt she had learned her lesson.

If I could suggest an interview for you, David, it would be to talk to Greg, and find out about the "behind the scenes" for this video - Did Rhiannon know what she was getting into up front? Was the spanking really as uninterrupted as it seemed on the video? What was Rhiannon's reaction when it was over and the cameras were turned off - was she still crying? I hope I speak for others besides myself when I say this would be a great interview to read.

To Greg and all the folks at RHV, and to the webmaster of this site - please keep up the great work!

Red Assed Lap Dancing 13: "Getting to the meat of the matter"

Directed and Produced: Greg Edwards
Featuring: Greg Edwards
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I love the "Red -Assed Lap Dancing series" by Red Hot Video. Their video's usually feature at least three over-the-knee spankings. These spankings are delivered hard, long and on the bare bottom. All of the videos in the series feature extremely attractive women with really great, spankable bottoms. There is no fooling around, just short set-ups in which the girls perform a strip tease, and then it's over the knee for a good walloping. The basic premise of all of the Red Hot Video Series is that the girls believe that they are auditioning for work as a model or erotic dancer. Little do they realize the fate that awaits them over Greg Edwards lap. (Greg is the owner, producer and director of the "Red -Assed Lap Dancing" series. He also appears in the videos as the unknown spanker.) One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Red Hot Video series is the fact that Mr. Edwards does not employ professional submissives in his spanking videos. Many of the young women featured in this successful series produced by Red Hot Video have never received a hard spanking before their appearance in one of the videos in question. The fact that these young women are not masochists leads to many surprises. The yelling, cursing and crying are all real. They kick, yell, scream, curse the spanker, and never really submit.

OK, let's get into this specific video.
First to take a lickin' is Brianna. Brianna is described as the "quintessential Blonde". She has, on more than one occasion, taken the day off from work because her hormones cause her to make bad decisions "at that time of the month". Our spanker takes her to task for this offense. During her spanking she screams so loudly that you may need earplugs to prevent serious damage to your tympanic membrane.

Second to get the "lap" treatment is Rhiannon. (I wonder if she rings like a bell through the night?) Rhiannon is a gorgeous, but arrogant woman; you might even call her a "stuck up bitch". Well, our spanker decides it's time for her to be spanked off her high horse, and before a few minutes are gone, she is bawling like a baby. By the time he is through she has decided that a re-assessment of her attitude is a necessity.

And last, but not least is Stefani. Stefani is an XXX star by trade, and is a very very naughty girl. Because of this, our spanker decides he will spank the devil out of her, and in his own words, "Spanking the devil out of someone has never been so much fun." If you like spanking videos with a lot of hard hitting spanking action and a minimum of frill then this video is for you. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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