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Red Assed Lap Dancing 16: Chastised Bimbos

Directed and Produced: by Greg Edwards
Starring: Greg Edwards
Chanta Rose
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I don't know how they keep coming up with these beautiful girls, but the creative team at Red Hot Video has done it again. As I have said before, I love the Red- Assed Lap Dancing series, because they all feature three over-the-knee spankings of extremely beautiful young ladies. These spankings are delivered hard, long and on the bare bottom. There is no fooling around, just a short set-up in which the girls perform a strip tease, and then it's over the knee for a good walloping. The basic idea of the red-hot Video series is that that the girls in question are applying for jobs as either models, or dancers. They think they are going to an audition. Their chastisement usually occurs after they have complained about the poor accommodations that have been provided for them. (Greg Edwards actually tapes his productions in a rather run down motel-hell adding to the authenticity of the production) I like the fact that the young women who appear in an RHV production are not professional submissives and have never suffered a real spanking before their appearance in the video. Most of these young women are crying and kicking soon after they feel Mr. Edwards sizeable hands fall hard upon their naked bottoms. They kick, yell, scream, curse the spanker, and in general never really submit. OK, let's get into this specific video. First to take a lickin' is Chanta Rose.

Chanta is everyman's dream, long blonde hair (down to those gorgeous globes), busty, long beautiful legs, and one great butt. Add to this a "British" accent, and you will think you died and went to heaven. With the first few slaps, you can see the handprints on her ass. She reddens up quickly, and oh so nicely. We get all the protestations, yelling and cursing, which just adds to the enjoyment. Her punishment is initiated with bra and thongs on, but before long they are removed and we get to see hard nipples and some nice peeks at her womanhood. When her punishment is through, Chantra is left lying on the floor crying.

Second to get the "lap" treatment is a beautiful young woman named Heaven. Heaven is a very pretty, stripper, who has come to strut her stuff for Greg's camera. After few minutes of dancing and she agrees to do a lap dance. In a very short time she finds herself over the knee of "The Unknown Spanker". (Greg Edwards) She yells, and curses even louder than did Chantra. We get treated to another twenty minutes or so of Heaven having her ass set on fire. She is crying only a few minutes into the spanking. By the end of the spanking, her mascara is running all over her face, testifying to the pain she has just endured. Her body is quivering, and she is whimpering like a baby.

Next up is Alex. She is a little older and more stylish a woman. She calls her manager to complain and try to get out of the session, but he convinces her to stick it out. Boy is she ever sorry. She begins by modeling a see through outfit, and then quickly changes to a body stocking because of the heat in the room. She does one more outfit change because of the heat in the room. She is an attractive, statuesque brunette, and you just can't wait until the spanking begins. Thankfully, we don't have to wait all that long. She has no panties on to begin with, so we get to peek at those private parts right away. Thank you "Mr. Spanker" In my opinion Alex is the best of the three to watch. Her ass is a little fuller and meatier, and Greg plays with it and kneads it more, a touch that I found to be extremely erotic. She is wearing white, frilled stockings, which also makes it a sexier happening. Near the end she is screaming with pain, If you like a spanking video that gives you long, hard sessions, with beautiful, bouncing butts, and gets right to it, then you will love this one. I give this a 9 out of 10 on the Spank-o-meter.

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