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Red Assed Lap Dancing 18: Spanking the Divas

Directed and Produced: Greg Edwards
Starring: Greg Edwards
Liz Tyler
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster

Once again we are treated to the view of three bratty women getting the punishment that they deserve. I do not know how Greg Edwards arranges to find top modeling talent who will agree to take a hard over the knee spanking. Most people are not aware of the talent level that Mr. Edwards uses in his Red Hot Video series. Most of these girls are accomplished glamour models. Most have done layouts in magazines such as Playboy or Penthouse. I suppose that it has to do with the fact that Mr. Edwards pays top dollar to bring in his bevy of beauties. Despite the generous payday, the punishments that Greg doles out is so severe that few ever return. I love the Red Assed Lap Dancing series, because they all feature three traditional over-the-knee spankings. They are delivered hard, long and on the bare. All of the series has beautiful women with really great, spankable asses. There is no fooling around; just a short set-up in which the girls perform a strip tease, and then it's over the knee for a good walloping. You see, that is the premise; the girls are applying for jobs as either models, or dancers. They act as if they are appalled by the working conditions in which they are to perform. The RHV series is actually filmed in a motel hell in the Philadelphia area. When the girls become temperamental and threaten to walk, they are puled over Mr. Edwards's lap and punished by his sizeable hands. They kick, yell, scream, curse the spanker, and in general never really give in to what is transpiring. OK, let's get into this specific video. First to take a hard, over-the knee spanking is Maklaryn. She has an immediate attitude over the "studio", and is very snippy about it. But she says "OK, just show me where I change. And change she does, into a black negligee. She has a really big set of boobs, which look real when we see them uncovered, not plastic, which is very appealing to some, and in this case, that would include me. She then goes into her little posing routine, changes into a leopard skin nightee, and continues posing. After one more change, she announces "now what do you want me to do now, I can't be here all day". She is immediately handed a banana to which she proclaims "and what the fuck am I supposed to do with that! He says "use your imagination", she says "I don't know what my agency told you, but I am not gonna do this shit!" A little cajoling, and she is sucking the banana. Two minutes later she throws the banana against the wall, and is promptly grabbed by the ears and placed over the lap for what turns out to be a magnificent spanking. As usual, we have the passerby listening at the door to her cries and pleas. I have always found this a nice touch. Maklaryn has a very large and quite spankable behind, and she is crying almost immediately. Her ass is red and blotched very quickly, but he just keeps going. As always, the panties get lowered and we get to see her beautiful "Mons Venus" She cries uncontrollably throughout the whole scene. This is one hot scene.

Next up is Liz Tyler. Once again, the unsuspecting model is taken aback by the "Studio". Liz thinks she is there to introduce her new line of lingerie and intimate wear. She too is very nasty about the shoot and the surroundings. Boy is she surprised when after the third change of apparel when she starts to smoke a cigarette and is told "I have asthma, and would appreciate your not smoking", and she responds by telling him basically "to go fuck himself" that once again, it's by the ears and over the knee. She reddens up very quickly, and oh so nicely. Another fantastic butt is in for the "whole nine yards" All of her protestations, yelling and cursing, gets her nowhere, which just adds to the enjoyment. It starts with bra and thongs on, but before long the breasts have fallen out and we get to see hard nipples, and once again real breasts, and some nice peeks at her womanhood. And then the thong comes down, and we get the full view instead of peaks. Oh, what a wonderful "lesson" we get to watch. As she is lying on the floor in a semi fetal position crying her eyes out, he grabs his bottle of "Red Ass Ale". And lastly is Alexis. She too thinks she is doing a shoot promoting her new line of lingerie. She is a Svelte, and hard-bodied, and very stylish. After a complaining word, she too is grabbed by the ear and put over the knee. Boy does she have a hard and tight ass, and she takes the entire spanking with almost no complaints. She threatens him with retaliation throughout, but never cries or whimpers even once. She does cry out "OW" once at the point where he removes her thong, and then a couple of times towards the end. Thank you, once again "Mr. Spanker" for providing us with a delightful romp through "spanker's heaven". I really enjoyed the scene with Alexis. It was quite a lot of fun to watch someone who could take it. If you like a spanking video that gives you long, hard sessions, with beautiful, bouncing butts, and gets right to it, then you will love this one. I give this a 91/2 out of 10 on the Spank-o-meter.

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