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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

There is a certain something about a true redhead that gets spanked. Don't know what it is, but there's definately something great about it. In this video, young Amy is our spankee. She is probably no more than 21 and has short red hair with a petite body. Very cute. She plays the part of our teen in trouble very well. The tape opens with Dad speaking to Amy because she had been caught skipping school. She is wearing a black fleece jacket, red blouse, bell bottom jeans, and sneakers. She is seated facing the camera and is being lectured by Dad. She is given the option of a month being grounded (which includes no phone or TV) or a spanking. After some thinking, she chooses the spanking (obviously, would have been a boring tape if she chose the grounding). Amy is very soft spoken and almost shy. It's actually nice, as alot of the teenager in trouble plot lines have a girl thats been in trouble many times and is a loud mouth. This is more of your average kid doing typical teen stuff, but just getting caught. Anyway, she is made to remove her jacket, sneakers, and jeans leaving her in her red blouse, white with print panties, and red socks. She walks down the hallway and into a room.
The camera cuts to Amy bent over the bed, so that her butt is over the edge. Our dad comes over and giver her 2 swats with a paddle over her panties, and then decides he's going to hold off on the paddle until a little later. He pulls down her panties and gives her a hand spanking that goes on for a little while. He stops and has her move to the middle of the bed, so she can put some pillows underneath her to raise up her butt. The hand spanking continues for a little while and then decides to use the paddle. He gives her 10 swats and then takes a short break so she can rub her bottom. He then gives her 5 more swats with the paddle, but this time she has to say "I'm being spanked like a little girl" after each swat. I liked that, wished he had her say that for all the swats. Anyway, he moves the camera several times during the punishment to give you a few angles from behind as well as some facial shots. He contines the punishment with a paddle that sort of looks like a spatula. Then he comes out with a plastic rod. At this point, he gives her the option of 2 weeks of grounding and the punishment stops, or continue on. Naturally, we press on. He gives her 5 short strokes and has her count out each one. She then has to stand and lean over the bed for another 5 strokes. Then its more hand spanking followed by the spatula thing again. The last round is with several consecutive swats of the paddle. We then take a good look at her very red (and I'm sure very sore) bottom. She then pulls up her panties and lays down on the bed and this is where the segment ends. This is an awesome video, but wait there's more. This tape has a bonus feature. Renee, the nice looking girl that has appeared in several of Amateur Spanking's videos gives us a short segment. The deal here is she is a student and has been tardy on several occassions. Since this isn't her first offense, she is offered a choice between a 5 day suspension or 5 swats with the paddle. Renee is sort of picking at her fingernails, which I thought was a pretty good sign of a student in trouble being nervous. Anyway, she chooses the swats and first pulls down her jeans to show us the before look of her butt (she's wearing a thong). She then pulls the jeans back up and bends over the desk. Our teacher delivers a pretty good punch, that has Renee standing up and screaming by the 4th one. She tries to walk away and get out of the 5th, but teacher man won't hear of it. So, she bends back over and nearly jumps out of her skin when the paddle hits for the last swat. She jumps up and down rubbing her butt. She then pulls down her jeans and thong and shows us the damage. She does have on great butt, so even though it's a short segment, it is very much worth watching. This is a great video. I've always been impressed with the pretty, yet wholesome looking girls they get. The video and sound quality is good and the video is approximately 30 minutes.

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