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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and appears to have received a face lift since the last review. The member area's latest updates are features in the free area, altough it does not say exactly how much time passes between updates. Cost of membership is $28.95 USD for the first 30 days with a price reduction to $15.95 per month if you choose to retain your membership.

Red Hot Spankings is a spanking video production company that also has their own pay website. The content is made up of video clips from several of the company's video tapes. If you're not familiar with the product line, Red Hot Spankings' claim to fame is how they pay models to be spanked (or for something else, then end up getting spanked). Nothing is staged and the girls getting spanked are not into the scene. The clips average around 7 MB a piece to download and average around 2 minutes in length a piece. All files are in Windows Media format. The member's area content rotates twice a month, with 4 tapes being online at one time. Within each tape selection, there are 4-5 clips of each model that gets spanked in that video, so there is at least 60 downloadable files online at any given time. The quality of the clips is fairly decent for video files. The website itself is well put together and is very easy to navigate with thumbnail previews of each video file. Now, for everyone's favorite part, the price. For a one month subscription it is $24.95, with a 3 month subscription being $59.95. (It's $19.95 and $49.95 if you select recurring billing, but not sure if you can cancel prior to your first month being completed.) Ok, it's a little expensive, so the next question would be is it worth it? Well, depends upon you. If you like the Red Hot Spankings tapes and don't have many, then this is a great way to see what the other tape have in them. Same holds true if you are interested in purchasing from them for the first time, but would like to see some samples prior to purchasing. However, if you have all their videos or are not interested in what the company offers, then you probably wouldn't benefit by a membership. The preview section offers a sample clip as well as collage of shots from the videos, so give the site a look and take it from there.

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