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Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear

Produced by: Michal A. Valasek
Directed by: Zbysek Podhajsky
Starring: Michaela Trmotova
Karolina Krasha
Renata Sukova
Tereza Tomaskova
Vaclav Josef Rejnek
Alexandra Wolf
Lars Moebius
Tomas Gumsa
Review by: John O'Connell

As with many of the Lupus productions, a good deal of care went into making Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear a realistic and believable film. The DVD opens with a brief narrative on how the communist party in the Soviet Union would imprison and even execute opponents in occupied Czechoslovakia. While the narrator is speaking, we are shown old film clips, something that you would see on the History Channel. I thought this was a nice lead in to add to the realism. The story centers on what happens to the children of these opponents that were imprisoned or executed.

After the historic introduction, we meet Helena who is being entered into the "Educational Institute", which will try and reform her way of thinking to the communist methodology. The acting headmistress (the regular woman is away evidently) processes Helena and orders her to the school's doctor for an entrance exam. After waking him up from his nap, Helena is made to strip for her entrance physical. Nothing says welcome like a rectal temperature. Instead of watching the internal exam, we watch the freaky guard dude smoke a cigarette. Before long, he is called back in to escort Helena to her room.

While Helena unpacks, her roommate informs her that it is a futile act as all her belongings will be put into storage. Before long, the schoolmistress enters the room and blows a fit because there is a teddy bear in Helena's suitcase. A tug of war match ensues causing the teddy bear to fall to the floor in dramatic fashion. Helena cries and is ordered to change into the school uniform. Helena drops to her knees and begs the schoolmistress to let her keep the teddy bear. This enrages the schoolmistress and she pulls Helena over her knee, pulls down her stockings and panties, and spanks her bare bottom. Short spanking, but the facial expressions at the end of the spanking are pretty fantastic. Helena is warned that she will be "squashed like a bug".

After a short banter between the doctor and the headmistress, we are taken back to Helena's room. A third girl has entered and shows them her badly beaten bottom. Helena starts to cry again, where her first roommate tells her that the beatings take place frequently and that she'll get used to them. The freaky guard guy comes into their room and gets them out of bed. He says that their room is a mess and that Helena's bed is not properly made. He bends her over, pulls down her panties, and gives her a number of smacks with a ruler. She falls to the floor crying once again. The next few minutes of the film I'm totally lost, but the end result is that sometime in the middle of the night, someone broke into the storage room and gave Helena her teddy bear back. Naturally, the headmistress figures this out before they get out of bed and confronts the 3 girls about it. No one talks and she orders them all to be punished.

The other 2 girls confess to breaking into the storage closet to give Helena the bear so she would stop crying, thus allowing them to sleep. The freaky schoolmaster recommends they handle the punishment rather than contacting the police. We are then brought to another room, where all 3 girls are naked. Helena is already strapped down to a contraption and before long is caned in an effort to "re-educate". All 3 are caned severely, causing deep bruising and welts. While it took quite some time to get to this point, the 3 were caned without mercy in a fashion that is to be expected from a Lupus production. And in the end, it is the doctor who is found asleep in his chair with the teddy bear. Alright then.

I found this production to be superbly done in the area of attention to detail. Everything from the clothing to the setting to the storyline was well thought out. The punishment session was fairly severe and featured some rather attractive girls. The only that might grate on some people is the time it takes to get to this punishment session. There is a lot of side bar conversations that really have nothing to do with Helena or the film. But, that's part of the art of the film, so if it doesn't interest you, there is always the fast forward button. And, for the record, I say just give the girl the damn teddy bear and be done with it.

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