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Red Route Area

46 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/28/09

We have been intrigued by this title--what area is it exactly which is red? Turns out, as you would expect, those rascals at CalStar played on parking tickets issued along a Red Route highway to accomplish the other part of the pun.

Sweet young things are sent to an out-source agency, where parking tickets are, let us say, "adjudicated" in a no-nonsense way. The girls' cars have been booted or "clamped"; if they haven't got cash in-hand, "You realize what the alternative is." Miss Evans calls the girls in one at a time, hears their sad penniless tales, and then calls for Miss Nunn, who--glad tidings!--is played by Miss Brown.

The first girl, a brunette, reviews her choices, takes off her skirt and is "right over," OTK for Miss Brown's left-handed wizardry on her red-thonged bare bottom. Dialogue is drowned by the reverberating loud spanking in the brick-walled set CalStar likes. Miss Evans brings in the paddles and holds the brunette still. Over the desk, next Evans brings in the stiffened leather spanker and a cane. These officials enjoy this part of their day.

The brunette is asked to strip naked--top off, bra off, red panties off--down to boots and stockings. How embarrassing--she must kneel up on the desk, "legs apart." Miss Brown is her usual intimidating self and has a muted way of maneuvering her naked victim into helpless positions of no return. She uses the stiff leather spanker crisply and elicits sharp cries.

When the brunette climbs down and is purposely twirled for us by Miss Brown, we see more hair, north and south, than customary for 2008. A good spanking is timeless. Back over the desk, Miss Brown fondles her target and lays on about 20 lefty cane strokes, fingering the weals she has created. At the conclusion, while the girl dresses, Evans tears up the parking ticket.

"Next!" Another brunette, shorter, and cashless also, gets the word. "Either you pay your fine in cash or take your punishment." Miss Brown is summoned, the dark skirt is removed, and after some slow and sensuous positioning to get the bottom center-screen, the OTK spanking begins on white panties. Miss Brown makes the girl stand, then slowly lowers her panties with thumbs and fingertips in her nonpareil way. Another first-class CalStar bottom you contemplate and a pre-2008 hair style.

Miss Evans fetches the paddles with evident enthusiasm. This young lady is so pretty the camera catches her face more frequently. The poor girl herself must choose which paddle is to be used first--how would a girl do that? It will be a heavy leather ping-pong bat size. "Legs apart." So much to look at.

Brown has her kneel on a bench and lean over the desk. She knows with little prompting just how to arch her back and stick her bottom out. The stiff spanker sizzles. Moving through the procedure--blouse and bra off, a trim and nifty figure. Miss Brown is captivated by the look of this little naked morsel. Here is Evans proffering the cane--25 strokes; "legs apart" of course, a command Miss Brown inserts in most of her work. the girl knowingly wiggles her wonderful bottom. Who cares to track repeats when such a scene is viewed from different angles? She dresses, violation torn up, and leaves. How big is the reception room at this office?

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